Inspiration Gallery #092 – Creative ads

Inspiration Gallery #092 – Creative ads
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Many designers seek inspiration in the initial stage of a project to get their creative juices flowing and/or to get updated with the latest trends in graphic design. With this post I would like to share some of the great designs that have inspired me in some way and hopefully something will inspire you to.

Scotch – Permanent Double Sided Tape



Golty gloves

Pictionary – Dog

Pictionary – Grooming

Pictionary – Miss universe

Big movies, mobile size

Big movies, mobile size

Dont be stupid

BetClic Poker

Skittles Sour

VitaSnella – Fruit Cracker

Alca Seltzer

Alca Seltzer

Alca Seltzer





Energizer Flashlight


Leauge of Rock


Mini Cooper – Surfer

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  • Frank Jovine

    These are really creative ads that could capture the imagination of many people.