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Most designers seek inspiration in the initial stage of a project to get their creative juices flowing and/or to get updated with the latest trends in graphic design. In this post I would like to share some of the great designs that have inspired me in some way and hopefully something will inspire you as well.

Suddeutsche Zeitung

Hut Weber – Its the hat

los inrockuptibles

los inrockuptibles

Who are the stars of tomorrow?

Nova 96.9

Nova 96.9

Darty – High quality printing

Avoid disappointing results…

Avoid disappointing results…

Awaken the genius within

Arno – Huge processing power

Beer Point

Beer Point

Room 13

The most beautiful football is only in HD

The most beautiful football is only in HD

24 Hours Online Tracking ‘Courier’

24 Hours Online Tracking ‘Van’

Pepper Spray

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  • jill

    Umm, can someone explain the reebok ad?

    • Ryan

      I believe those shoes are made to tone a woman’s backside, so the add was just showing off the results.

  • mug25

    Nice collection. Did you find them on

  • What a collection…nice!

  • Wow… amazing gallery. What camera are you using… the pictures have great clarity?

  • That sucks!! really inspiration photographs. I amazed to watch the gallery show!! :)

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  • WOW… Fantastic graphic design gallery here! Actually I can’t expose what my felling after see all these beautiful image. All are appreciated by me. Thanks for nice sharing.