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  • Hyde

    Yeah!! Absolutely LOVE these!

  • ceallaig

    These are great — esp. love the one about religion! Thanks for the laugh, and the serious thought!

    • Chelsea

      I thought the religion one was halarious but my girlfriend refused o hear it :(

      • Joyce

        That was hilarious but it was the truth.

      • Rastlin

        Being Gay is like having a penis.
        It’s fine to be one.
        It’s fine to be proud of it.
        But please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around.
        And PLEASE don’t try to shove it down my children’s throats.

        • Matt

          You don’t get it, do you?

        • Waver

          AGHAHAHA!!! EPIC FAIL Rastlin

        • Nicole

          hahah I get it Rastlin..I just don’t think everyone else gets it!

        • Insert Name Here

          uhh. totally wrong. just sayin.
          the religion one makes sense, cause some people are TOO intense about it.
          this one, was just an a-hole type comment.
          i dont know anyone who tries to force people to accept they’re gay, or to BE gay. maybe im wrong.
          but i am offended by this one.

          • Four

            Okay, so you say it’s okay to offend religious people, but it’s not okay to offend gay people? I’m just tired of all the people who are so worried about gay people’s feelings and then they go and offend religious people. It’s not right. I know some gay people who are ALWAYS talking about guys/girls they know who are “gay on the inside” and frankly, it offends the people they’re talking about. No girl, or guy, wants to be called gay who isn’t.

          • lolfailppl

            Insert name here you are so right I agree. The children part doesn’t even make sense, because no gay person is going to tell kids that loving the opposite sex is wrong. I mean, they go though enough criticism about who they fell in love with as is, so why would they try to do that to others? Being gay isn’t a choice. Religion is. Oh, and to Four down there, It’s not okay to offend religious people either, but I.N.H was just saying that it didn’t make sense for the gay comment, because no gay people go round yelling that their thoughts are right, and some religious people do. (I’m not gay, but I don’t see any difference in people who are.)

          • Regular Guy

            Yeah, Rastlin, you’re totally right. Gay people don’t go around throwing their lifestyle in people’s faces. So I guess I haven’t seen Glee, or any other show, song, or movie that has come out in the last 10 years.

            Where did the term “flaming” come from, I’m curious?

            And the comment about religion vs. relationship is tragically ignorant. Look up what the word religion means. Have you ever heard, “I watch that show religiously.” What do you think that means? It means, “in a strongly committed way.” If your “relationship with God” is something that is important to you, or something that you commit to, then you are “religious” about it. If it is your #1 priority, then it is your religion. Since Christians are clear about the fact that their relationship with God is #1 to them, then it a religion. It is their religion.

          • wow

            well you must be gay then, cuz i thought it was funny!

        • phoenix

          I fully agree Rastlin!! Knowing God isn’t a religion it’s a relationship so that part didn’t bother me. BUT I agree about the gay part because it is all out there being shoved down my kids throats at school! Way to go Rastlin!!! well said

        • Lauren

          Inappropriate. You make being gay seem like a cult or club. It’s not a belief. It’s not a choice. It’s not a decision. It’s a trait, so leave and let be.

        • Kit

          I used to believe in God. Then i got my big girl panties. See that’s the difference between religion and being gay. One you grow out of once you realize you’re an adult and the easter bunny and santa claus arent real either, and being gay is who you are as a person and no one can say you’re sexualy orientation doenst exist.

          • Andrew

            you are ignorant your response makes no sense at all, and you misspell every other word leaving your completely irrelevant argument absurd and far fetched. You don’t even have proper grammar, your entire post just makes you look like a person with a mental disability. Reading your argument makes even the most unintelligent feel obtuse. Save yourself the embarrassment next time you feel strongly about a topic and keep it to yourself. Thanks Kit :)

          • Mary

            okay you pathetic! You don’t just “grow out of religion” no offense but if you keep living that way your going to hell. Christians don’t “shove their religion down people’s throats” we just say the truth…. So just stop being so predjudist against religious peopl… If you don’t like it shut up! Mind your own bussiniess!

          • anya

            hahahaha this is so funny. There is nothing about anything you just said that I don’t love.

        • Walker

          Everybody just needs to chill out. Yes, religion is not something that you force upon people, but neither is being gay. I’m a Christian, and I don’t have a problem with gay people (crazy huh?). What I do have a problem with is when somebody attacks religion, any religion, and then when somebody literally says the exact same thing about gay people it turns into a fucking hate crime. Grow up, live your life however you want, and don’t flaunt your beliefs, whether it be your sexual orientation or religious preference.

          Oh and Kit, I realized that Santa and the Easter Bunny weren’t real too! But when I was like 12, quite some time before I was an “adult”… get your “big girl panties” a little late?

          • GayChristian186981

            I’m a gay Christian. I don’t shove my religion or sexual orientation down anyone’s throat thank you very much. Oh, and why should anyone be offended by being called gay? I don’t care if I’m called straight. It shouldn’t matter if you are secure of yourself and your sexual orientation.

          • Morgan

            Way to go, buddy =)

          • c-rock

            Being a gay christian is contradictory.

        • Corey

          WTF you are so ignorant. There was no need for that comment. Since when does being gay mean you run around waving your penis in public and assulting children?

          It’s people like you that make our world a hateful place

          Some people are so uneducated…

          • Miranda

            since when does being religious mean you run around waving your penis in public and assaulting children? again, it’s fine to be gay, nobody’s saying it’s not. But in the same way as religion, its YOUR life. Whether others accept it or not, is their decision. It’s not ignorance, it’s logic.

          • Regular Guy

            But having a religion means that you do “run around waving your penis in public and assaulting children?”

        • Haters suck

          youre an asshole

        • Ammaya

          Rastlin, you’re awful for saying that.

          You shouldn’t give in to stereotypes. They’re wrong and offensive and completely inappropriate.

          I’m offended. Keep comments like that to yourself.

        • you’re a fucking dumbass.

        • Aaron Pickett

          I’m sorry that this society is accepting of homosexuals… If you prefer not to be around it, you are free to leave.

        • American

          OOOOOH I got it!
          Being gay is liking the penis.

          • Ain’tthatfunny

            I realize I’m like four years too late (oops) but some of you guys are taking this WWWAAAAAYYYY to literally. basically its fine to be gay, religious, mud blood, whatever, just don’t try to make every one else do that too. I AM NOT saying that every gay/religious/mud blood does that! AND it literally says right there in the quote “its ok to have one” (i just quoted a quote!)

            smesus people *leaves room*

          • disqus_i7ODdYDhKF

            I wish people would stop having problem with me being religious and the way of life because it doesnt match to there normal way of life and what everyone else is doing in the world. My religion is about having a relationship with God. I dont ever enforce my beliefs on anyone but when some people find out im vegetarian and i dont drink alchohol or have certain way of life they HAVE TO HAVE A DEBATE because it doesnt confirm to there beliefs and there way of life! And they have to have a debate about whether God exists or not. Is that not the same thing but in a different context! Point being being, that others that are non religious have there belief of non religiousness also like to shove their non religious beliefs down your throat!

  • elise

    i love this page:) very inspirational

  • Martin

    Can you do a screensaver, with a collage of some of these? Or maybe just one of two of your favourites as individual screensavers. I LOVE these things.

    • Hey Martin, you could probably create your own screensaver with your personal favorites. :) Try to find an application by searching on Google. Good luck, mate! :)

    • Kait

      You can always go to and create a collage for yourself

  • giudetta

    From Up North; You are a genius and I like your work very much. Would you be able to send me some for my Facebook at the above email address?

    • Just to clarify, I havn’t made these. ;) I’ve found them all over the internet. But feel free to link to this page on your Facebook. :)

  • Unbelivable post! Love it!

  • steven

    sweet stuff man keep these inspiration galleries coming!

  • Anonymous Author

    “Despite a love of knowledge I cannot conceive a solitary realistic thought.”
    Anonymous Author.

  • Anonymous Author

    “Write a wise saying and your name will live forever” Anonymous Author.

  • Really great stuff, thanks!

  • mike sykes




  • Jens Lindth

    Great stuff, man! Keep em coming!

  • Sarah

    I loved this. haha it was wonderful and i fully believe the entire thing =D

  • Kitty

    I feel like most of these are trying to be deeper than they really are. sorry dude. im not a fan.

  • Draik

    It’s a great collection. I’m surprised I had not read these before… Thank you!

  • Kaz

    Very inspirational i enjoyed reading them.

  • Reaver

    Ok some of these are really good but there are a couple that are really stupid…… like the last one and the one before the one before that..

  • Rachel

    these are awesome but i do agree with reaver about the last one… although i LOVE the next to the last b/c i live my life like that

  • jellenellen

    These are great!!Love them!!!

  • Irene

    The last one reminds me a bit of myself, so I immediately had to share it with friends and family on Facebook. Some will grasp to why, but the majority probably not. XD

  • Great compilations of quotes. My favorite is the Jimi Hendrix one.

  • samar

    Luuuuuuve it, thanks :)

  • Justin

    Awesome post!

  • Tuvshuu

    Nice one. Specially last one

  • Great post! Thanks for the smiles…

  • Joanne

    Wonderful, thoughtful, funny as hell!

  • Marius

    stumble it and me rei mucho XD muy cremas las pics, but the penisreligius thing…un poco fuerte no, pero esta to wapo igualmente. Saludos, peace.

  • I was literally laughing out loud and customers walked in my store!

  • lovatine

    really inspiring quotes…love that thanks

  • Tatiana

    I loved this quotes. Some of then made me to think in a new way.

  • Betsy

    Looooooooove these quotes! Here’s another to keep you inspired:

    “The best way to predict the future is to create it”

    • Thanks Betsy, I’ll add that one to the next post! ;)

      • Marie

        This is just brilliant. Great concept. The quote about religion is the best. Not because of the content but because it has raised the most debate. That is the true essence of art.

  • Awsome. I stumbled upon a total treat. Thanks…

  • Stacey

    I love most of the quotes on here, but the one about religion is disrespectful and untrue. No one is trying to shove anything or influence anyone’s children. Blame the media, not religion. Religion isn’t the bad guy here. Would you really be upset if your children started praying as opposed to doing drugs or drinking?

    • Jason

      I think it is spot on and accurate. The TRUTH hurts. Religious people view it this way because they are blind to how they are trying to shove their POV down others throats then think lesser of them because they have different beliefs than their own. If you really cannot see that, then I am truly sorry for you. Missionaries are a prime example of this, people going out of their way to spread their POV to people who do not want to hear it.

      • Shelley

        If that’s your take on what missionaries do, then you are just as ignorant as you claim those people are. Missionaries go out to talk about their beliefs because they believe they have found something so special, so spectacular that they want everyone to know. They want others to know the same joy that they feel. Their goal is not to shove their beliefs down anyones’ throats. Also, the ones that think lesser of people because they have different beliefs are not even following the beliefs they claim to have. I don’t mean to start some stupid back and forth debate, but I’m sure you can understand how aggravating it is to see someone act close minded and ignorant. Have a different opinion if you want, but don’t be presumptuous and rude.

  • Nice quotes.

  • Maegan

    Loved them all except for the one about Religion….

  • Maegan

    I agree totally with Stacey.

  • sam

    Nice them all..

  • Such a great post, just subscribed this to my reader! love it

  • Elise

    You’re good at what you do. Keep up the good work!

  • chandu

    Very inspirational i enjoyed reading them.

  • Robert

    Thank you for sharing inspiration here. I can watch this post over and over and enjoy it every time I see it… my mind is trained and condition to think the old way, when I read the quotes and pictures here… I feel expanded.

  • Lily

    I enjoyed your quotes :) Some of them were really funny!

  • Steph

    These are awesome!!! Can I post some on FB? I will credit your site for this…Def. Awesome! :-)

  • mark

    these great my kenya,youve made my night

  • Great post and great art! All very good quotes to Live Life by.

  • hah, the one about religion is absolutely priceless, gave me a good laugh. I also enjoyed the ones about thinking outside the box, being happy in life, thinking youre above others and of course Jimi Hendrix, what a quote, one love! x

  • ruby

    funny. i love the love for power, and the power of love one. :)

    • u know wat ruby love is d name sex is d game

  • Gilene Forever

    i think that’s cool, fuuny, haha. You can visit more on my blog pages and learn how to celebrate heart’s day this february 14

  • Gilene Forever

    i think that’s cool, funny, haha. You can visit more on my blog pages and learn how to celebrate heart’s day this february 14

  • LGB

    Great work, very interesting!

  • I kept this page opened for entire day. very very interesting.

  • Destiny Johnson

    these quotes make my dayy

  • kunal

    awesome…u have cheered me like no one else… :)

  • Courtney

    These are great,they just made my snowday alot better. (: thank you.

  • monica

    Love these! Really entertaining :)

  • hagerty

    “do what you love and fortune will follow”

    Not if you love being a pedophile.

  • jojoe

    Fab and really interesting. Shame religion has its way once more and divides those who are for/against it.

  • am temmy ijst wanna make a quote dat says make hay while d sun rises (means doin d right tin @ d right time)$know where u re goin cos if u dont know goin people will take 2 where dey re goin wish can lead u 2 destruction.

  • aman

    Made my day!!!

  • Sen

    I like ’em, except for this one:

    ‘When nothing goes right, go left.’

    If you think about it, it CAN mean: When everything (everyone) goes left, go left…

    Better would be something like:

    ‘When nothing goes right, go there yourself!’

    Just my opinion ;)

  • Arda


  • Divil

    Exciting stuff!!!!!!!!!
    Welcome to my world, explore it.Everything is free and fun!!!!!!
    don’t forget to sign up! We have a lot of good stuff happening in the next month…..and into the future. it’s fun, knowing life can change with hard work, I’m a living proof of this.

  • Meagan

    These are truly inspiring! I absolutely love each statement and quote. Thanks for sharing =]

  • pattrick

    Your post has enlightened me, im in a sort of problem, your key quotes in the form of picture has inspired me a lot, Thanks my friend for sharing this post.

  • nitin

    Exceptionally well..i m lovin it!!!!!1

  • Vrila

    thank you
    love all

  • happyowl

    LOVED the artist one! My husband is a musician and EVERY SINGLE ONE of those rings true! I wish he wouldn’t be so hard on himself! Maybe he can be the one giving that advice to other artists some day when he figures out how to not do those things!
    Also LOVED the religion one. I’m a very religious LDS person who feels strongly about that. I would never shove my religion penis down anyone’s throat! Haha! Then again one of my best friends is gay so what does that say about me as a Mormon? haha! Religion is like a penis in that it is also very personal. :D Only share those personal things with people that want to hear it (or touch it in the case that it’s a penis? hahahahha!)

  • celeste

    i love all of these quotes they’ll probably help any one through any thing

  • aj

    Wow, awesome collection, thanks for bringing them together in one place. Shame the religious nuts still haven’t learnt to laugh at themselves :-(
    BTW if you think the media is to blame, you aren’t paying attention! Who do you think runs that religion spouting media? Try looking up the definition of “false prophet” and while you’re at it, look up “zealot” too….

  • Lacy

    Love these pics and quotes! I like the variety within

  • ST

    Just great!!!!!
    Big hit of the day :)

  • Katie

    I love quotes like these, they always make me laugh and they are so simple and obvious its like “why didn’t i think of that before” best stumble upon of the day by far.

  • sadsymphonys

    i really don’t agree with the last one, like it isn’t possible to be a good friend :s

  • colleen

    love,Love these need lots more

  • Your Right ,I Never see a qoute like this Nice and True

  • nikku

    love it men nice work

  • those where ok i cant say i like them

  • iesha

    so true i wrote one quate on my hotmail

  • troll


  • I love this all inspiration really the photos come with nice and so wonderful quotes for our lives.


  • Susannah

    I love these so much I may have to print them out and put them on my wall. No jokes, thank you

  • Kay

    all of the quotes were cute execpt the religious one. i am christian myself and i understand that there are people out there who shove their beliefs down your throat. but you have to remember that NOT ALL CHRISTIANS are like that. so everyone should just chill. and aj, if it was actually funny us “religious nuts” would have laughed…it was inappropriate. but other then that, great page!

  • Metal alchemist

    Enjoyed reading all of them!! keep them coming.

  • RickJaycee

    Jesus loved all, gay, straight, indifferent. However, I don’t go around flaunting my heterosexuality, or realize that to many, gayness is a cult and ALL about sex! I applaud those who are in relationships and love each other beyond their sexuality. The rest are dysfunctional showoffs and exhibitionists. I am a proud Christian, and let everyone I meet know my pride in my Christian life. Not perfect, and not trying to wear it on my sleave, but instead in my heart. Practice the faith of forgiveness, charity, and openess that Jesus Christ and the Bible taught. Denial is to deny that we stop being after death, when in fact many of us know we can live eternally if we are believers. If you;re a gambler, cut your risks and believe! It would really suck if you died and found out that you had a chance for eternal life and blew it! By the way, loved the postings!

  • MC

    That 80/20 quote about problems should be credited to Tommy Lasorda.

  • Sebastian

    I love these quotes, simply amazing

  • Singapore Tourism

    U made my day with this lovely quotes

  • Matt

    Great page although some of the comments predictablyy got stuck in the mire re. religion. In deference to Albert Einstein, I shall be using some of these quotes, and hiding the source!

  • ArmyBoy813

    I’m a Christian and a firm believer that Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior. I do not hate gays, as you should love everyone like Jesus did. He did not discriminate, nor does God “Hate Fags” like the Westboro Baptist Church wants you to believe. (They’re pretty much a cult) However, Christians’ message of faith and salvation is open for all those that want to hear it, we don’t force it down anyone’s throat. But correct me if I’m wrong, LGBT is always on the news trying to get states that will let gays marry. Isn’t that shoving it down my throat? What happens when my child is sitting in the room and that comes on the news, then I have to have a talk with my child about what it means to be gay? That’s shoving it down my throat.

    • xAn

      The way I see it is that being LGBT wouldn’t have to be shoved our throats if being straight wasn’t shoved down our throats AND up our asses to begin with…

  • Vic

    Nice collection of great quotes – I may want to use a few for our Intranet sye at work – some light amusement for a dull work site

  • bang gaong

    lots of inspiring quotes. I’ll make some of them as sticker and stick it on my car. Who knows it inspires those reading along the streets … haha !

  • Creative Writing

    Those are amazing pics! Some of them are racy, but they are all true!

  • This is a site/store for very many inspirational quotes.
    I like them.they make my day

  • Saturn

    The way I see religion is that at a certain age a person who still has an imaginary friend that looks out for them and tells them what to believe has some deeper problems then just not being able to tell reality from fiction. I mean if kids are told to get rid of their imaginary friends when they turn 6 then why are some people allowed to keep them just because more then one person has the same friend?

  • these posters have made my day. many thanks

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    Love is > than Money