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  • Umair

    brilliant quotes with amazing presentation

    • Socrates,” It seemed to me a superlative thing – to know the explanation of everything, why it comes to be, why it perishes, why it is.”

    • I couldn’t agree more. Very nice.

  • War Paint- “Billy Holliday”

    • me

      i think u mean ”wall” paint

      • Hah

        I think you mean “you.”

        • HA HA

          I think you think he means he

          • Hahaha

            I think you think he means he means he, when in reality he means you!

          • HAHAHAHA

            I think you think he means ‘you’, when in reality you are confused.

          • yall

            I think, therefore me he…. what?

    • Hahahaha

      i think you means he means he which is not you, but the person that said he or you.

      • Hahahahahhjlzsda

        I think you meant to hit the reply button.

        • HahahahaaOoow

          I dont think, I just know.

          • lulz

            You are all awesome.

          • really

            i think you all meant to get back on topic.

          • Haha

            I think this makes no sense!

    • wolly

      great song, great great band.

  • Leif

    My favorite post of quotes you ever did ’til now :)

    Very impressive.

  • The quotes are my favorite… great collection! I’m a big fan of wordboner’s stuff but looks like I’ve got some new people to check out as well!

    • Harlow


      • That addresses sveaerl of my concerns actually.

  • Some wonderful, inspirational quotes – thank you for sharing them :)

  • Taylor

    Here’s one for ya:

    Expect the best, prepare for the worst;
    Fuck what others think, and do your own thing. . .

  • Joy

    Beautiful inspirational quotes; inspired me enough to leave my procrastination behind…

  • fajas colombianas

    Very nice presentations of quotes there mate. Thanks for the share.

  • Captain Meh

    Meh. Others’ quotes, made to look like others’ art. Which part was yours?

    • Kates

      Although that might seem a little closed minded, I like your point.

    • Kates

      Eh, actually, I take it back because I really appreciate this page and the time taken to put it all together.

  • TheGreatMikesby

    Really great stuff. Inspiration with great design. The best one posted so far. I can’t get enough!

  • Great stuff. Lots of things I now want to write on my wall. :P

  • By Golly!

    This was a great assortment of inspiration for the new year! The older typographic styles were a treat as well. Thanks!

  • troublemaker85

    Some quotes are great but I really don’t think that being gay is a sin!
    Is that what the picture does mean? If yes, that would be the worst quote I have ever read.

    • randomkid

      No, the picture was showing the letters “A” and “S” as being taken from the picture. The new message reads: “Being gay is in.”

    • Kailey

      No no the original quote is “Being gay is a sin” but they took the “a” and the “s” in “sin, so it said “Being gay is in.”

  • I like the quotations and the way they are presented. I love quotations. I have a blog on them called The Frictionary; you might want to visit and maybe find something to use… (

  • Great quotes,

    thanks so much for sharing.


    • Hahahaha

      Cherio’s Mate!

  • wazziomz


  • lutjiano

    nice, im bookmarking this one

  • Jenni

    Wonderful quotes and wonderful imagary to go with them. I am going to bookmark this too

  • Dennis

    Great quotations. They really make you think. The typography that was used in each quotation makes the quotations pop out and become alive.

  • Dan

    I’m not being funny but the gay one ruined this whole page for me. It’s just tacky, and the google one didn’t do much for me either. Remove? You would do well to.

    • Kris

      Yes. Being gay is nothing to be proud of. Its just a regrettable aberration. If it were to be Really in, it would soon die out.

      • Gwyneth

        My my, aren’t we bigoted?

  • best of all sites #1 in the world

  • skipper

    ultimate anal blast all over these quotes

  • Thanks, so true!

  • Budhaditya

    Brilliant… if you want more inspirational videos, check out
    Really amazing videos… watch and enjoy!!

  • Stephen

    Awesome. Some fantastic quotes there among my favorites is “Modern Art = I could do that + you didn’t” :) Very true. Also “Google before you Tweet is the new Think before you Speak”

  • sam

    they pretty much all say “work hard”

  • Araucaria

    That quotation attributed to George Eliot does not occur anywhere in her published work, and was almost certainly never said by her. It is a venerable misattribution, though, having appeared as early as 1881 as an entry in a “Gems from George Eliot” contest in a New York magazine, “The Literary News”.

  • Angie

    Wow. He ^ thinks way too much. Nice job, thank you for the quotes.

  • Лёха

    Всё дарова, я не чё не понял, херовы америкосы, пишите по русски!!!

  • BlueGlutton

    Thanks a lot for these quotes.

  • Great quotations. Just what i was looking for, just stumbleupon it :))

  • all quoto’s r excellent.. my favr. is “the greatest pleasure in the life is doing what people say you cannot do”

  • very inspiring – lovely post :)

  • Great stuff, you made it splendid.

  • samanthaface

    DAN , my exact thoughts

  • Reg

    I’ve heard people say you can’t believe in God and Destiny and Fate…well I believe I’m Destined to use the tools God gave me to determine my Fate…

  • Great stuff, some are incredible.

  • Brent

    Great Quotes. Enjoyed this.

  • Great quotes. Loved the failing to plan is “planning to fail” one.

  • very nice quotes :P

  • araby, your girlfriend ;)

    loved them all babe<3

    i love you so much :)

  • Rachael

    I think the “rules for good…” and google before you tweet…” are the best really funny!!!

  • Eric Bieller

    Wow these are awesome.. thanks a lot for sharing! Google before you tweet is the best though :)

  • Jan

    Hmmn…, this is really wonderful…
    love the qoute “Planning to fail is failing to plan.”


  • Jan

    wow!!!! i screwed up that last comment in there… wonder what was on my mind that i had reverted the phrases…
    anyway, that should have had been “Failing to plan means planning to fail.”

    and keep it up Daniel!!!

  • very nice i like them

  • SmashingShowcase

    Unique Post I Ever Seen On Internet Great Job Very Impressive!

  • sold55

    good post inspiration for my next presentation to marketers of a big corporation

  • Logo Design Blog

    The quotation about life is very good and heart touching….

  • Karmin

    every exit is an entrance .. so true!

    • Jake

      And you have to think twice what inside
      before you come in :)

  • Jake

    Nice Qoutes

  • Alper

    This quotes suck, I guess you were trying to find original stuff. Cool designs though

    • meow

      I agree.

  • Web Design

    Quotes inspired us to teach a way of life. Nice sort of quotes. thanks

  • Nice. i Like it.

  • thanks for these quotes.

  • Professional Wordpress Themes

    i really LOVE quotes, n such collection is AWESOME!!! i have no word to say after read such amazing & inspiring QUOTES!!!

  • wow! amazing collection of quotes!

    hope you will keep it growing :)

    best wishes!

  • Double Hammock

    These are a collection of beautiful quotes. I love it.

  • Captain Meh

    Most of these quotes don’t inspire me. BUT, the design work IS good. For me, the question then is this: “Is it worth doing if it wasn’t worth saying?”

  • Ganesh Senthi

    Brilliant quotes, as I sit at my desk thinking that I should engage more in my personal interests and make them my professional. This website really helped to get me moving.


  • FeLiXWL

    Great tips and positioned them differation stuff.

  • amazing presentation ……………and quatations also :P

  • PSD To Wordpress

    Some really wonderful collection of quotes here i found superb..I bookmark this interesting post keep it up…

  • being gay is in!!