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In From up North’s quote galleries we present the latest inspirational quotes that we found while scanning the internet. Famous, motivational, though provoking and some are just humorous (like the last one), so there’s probably something for everyone.

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Last but not least… ;)
Abraham Lincoln quote

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  • Søren Østergaard

    Last one cracked me up!

    • Gilly Green

      me too!!!

  • well done everyone

  • Awsome collection, its like my stumbling on it was meant to be! Feel a fresh breeze passing my way,thanx!x

  • reaaaaa

    They had the internet during Abraham Lincoln?

    • Kathleen

      Like the man said, it is hard to verify – lol

    • charae

      lol no it was jk :)

    • Abe Lincoln

      Did you just say, “…during Abraham Lincoln….” ?

    • Littleelisa

      thats what i was thinkin!!!!

    • Ranandraos92

      they didn’t, and that’s the point

  • Abraham Lincoln wasn’t wrong there!

    Great quotes, I feel inspired!

  • These are great. I can’t believe that I’m actually INSPIRED from something I found on the internet!

  • Great idea for a post.Thank you!

  • mohan vasantharasan

    nice but all that matters is that you create a quote for yourself and not use others…it may not suit you

  • I love the quote by Plato!


  • Joi

    They were all wonderful, But last one can’t be real, Abe didn’t have internet during his time

    • Jim

      Lincoln actually invented the internet.

    • erin

      Really?! did you REALLY just say that? That was the point of the damn quote. Idiot.

  • gugun

    wonderfully word,thanks

  • Howard

    Lincoln was the internet

  • Mario Vult

    I might use one of these on my website if you don’t mind… they look great!

  • Eri Shah

    Inspirational, thought provoking, heart-warming, frivolous and, occasionally, character changing! Keep ’em comin’.

  • Dirk Nienaber

    What a load of shit.

  • Anant

    Good stuff. Don’t let the haters stop you. Keep going. If you get a chance check out my quote site too:


  • Jay Landar

    Enjoyable quotes, thank you!

  • carrie leigh

    Well , i thought Lincoln had internet lmao…good quotes :)

  • Quana

    I love these!!! Tumblr!

  • endo

    What a load of crap.

    • Autumn

      no, there great

      • dafuckiswrongwityou?

         It’s spelled they’re. dumbass

  • Imogen Shepard

    Hey! These are Great!! I’d love to use some of these on my Blog and will rightly so put your name and website :-)
    I Love these!!
    Take care, Immie x

    • shawndrahi

      fabulous pooooo

  • Wow all of them are just great.. I’ll use them on my fb page and blog too.. thanks:)

  • Love all of them – thank you. The last one was funny. My kind of quotes! (”,)

  • RiverIree

    Love them all!!!

  • A huge number of inspirational quotes and short biographies from great men of the 1930’s (industrialists, inventors, scientists, politicians etc) in the Book Hill’s Heroes (Try Google or Amazon). I’m biased and promoting because I wrote it – hope that’s ok with you guys. Found your site at Stumbleupon, very nice. I see the creator is from Sweden, I’ve spent much time there – fabulous country.

  • Love all the quotes – but the Lincoln one is best!!!! So true! Great way to start the day!

  • Jesus

    “Success is not the key to Happiness. Happiness is the key to Success”

    Haha, Bullshit, It’s like a quote from someone who never had success in life. Or someone who convinces himself to be happy and pretends they’re successful.

    • Jeffery

      If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, you’re not successful.

  • Genevieve

    I would love to but, I can’t help but cry….please,relieve me from my pry,I wouldn’t want to distray from the realities in life.

  • Mary Ives

    Food for thought

  • Casie W.

    Aw I absolutely love these!

  • The Plate quote is great.

  • Yep, success is the key to happiness.. Like them all but that one is my favorite.

  • Pictures of your post to compliment one of the most information and photos. So I like it. Thank you.

  • Pearl

    These are some really amazing and extreme quotes thanks all for who has written them

  • Kimberly

    Thanks for the uplifting messages conveyed so beautifully in their varying graphic design. Reading them was a REAL TREAT and the perfect way for me to end the evening before slumber. You have a BRILLIANT Present and Future.

  • Dave

    I’m sorry, but the majority of these quotes are terribly corny.

    Inspirational ideas should empower you to achieve your goals, not glibly tell you that you “will succeed” if you try hard enough. The world is full of people giving their all, but being doomed never to succeed, due to circumstances completely beyond their control. If you want inspiration, visit the Ted website and leave these trite efforts where they belong, on the back of the toilet door at work.

    • ken

      You sir are an absolute moron, if you truly want something bad enough you will succeed.

      • erin

        I really really want to be a unicorn.

      • nick

        Im pretty sure that the kids in kenya really want to eat. I would imagine that they want it “truly bad enough”.

  • I love all the quotes here

  • Bob

    Abe Lincoln didn’t say that last one because he died in 1865 and the internet was invented in 1956.

    • Fitz

      Noooooo, really?

    • Sergei

      You remind me of a character from Family Guy.

  • Really inspiring !

  • Great Great collection collection. I loved all of them. Really very good work done by Admin.

  • ‘The hardest thing in life is knowing which bridge to cross and which to burn.’ – Sounds cute, but in reality, what does it mean? before u start bitching, I know it is not literal, thats what I first thought when I read it, must be metatorical or whatever word I am thinking.

  • They are so good that i will use them to my next project (a manual for starter bloggers)

  • sadiei

    “Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the rain.” <3 <3 <3  

  • Kharanshutayal

    awesome quotes

  • Jim

    I love the Plato quote on wise men vs. fools.  A very fun compilation – thanks for the work you did on it!

  • Asher

    luvli… intresting quotes, i liked most the one that says seduce my mind and u ll have my body, find my soul and am yos forever…. its so true…

  • Felixoffei63

    Abraham Lincoln was a great man.

  • Mary Strain

    Great quotes and compelling graphics! Loved them!

  • Altaf

    Wow I love all the quotes yes i know that

  • nick

    every single freaking quote was a cliche that our postmodern society thinks is some profound truth. anyone who feels “enlightened” by such a pointless collection of quotes is pathetic.

    • Sergei

      Fuck you, Nick.

  • qualitypoint

    I like that image quotes.Especially Winston Churchill image.

    A joke is a very serious thing.

    – Winston Churchill
    more quotes about Winston Churchill quotes

  • Guest

    “jewish people get on my nerves” – walt disney

  • anticrunch

    “jewish people get on my nerves” – walt disney

  • Sadia Komal

    touching quotes

  • Does Abraham Lincoln knew the Internet already in his lifetime?

  • Delicia

    Man, lots of those are pretty tough on people with disabilities. Sorry Jimmy, you’re never going to be enlightened.