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Kids have always been fascinated by technology. Now-a-days you very often see kids sitting by themselves, heads down with a phone or tablet in their hands. When I was growing up in the 80’s the most technical gadget we had was probably the VCR(google it kids…). And I remember it clearly that watching classic 80’s flicks like Star Wars, Back to the Future & Ghostbusters was one of my absolute favorite pastimes. And when the movie ended we usually went outside and continued the story, taking whatever we could find to use as props and costumes.

When I the other day came across British painter/illustrator Craig Davison’s magnificent work, I was immediately taken back to those great moments. Craig has a series of paintings where that shows exactly how it was back then. Illustrations of kids reenacting movie scenes and in the background you can actually see what kids are imagining. Since the Star Wars trilogy was my favorite movies back then I decided only showcase work from those particular movies in this post. But if you check out Craig’s archive afterwards you can find kids reenacting movies like Batman, The Wizard of Oz, James Bond and a lot of other classic flicks.

All images by Craig Davison © Washington Green Fine Art

Use The Force Luke by Craig Davison

Vader by Craig Davison

Full Force by Craig Davison

KEEEE-OOOOH by Craig Davison

Blast Em Chewy by Craig Davison

Yoda Am I by Craig Davison

BMX Wings by Craig Davison

5 Vaders!... Right we're having 5 Lukes! by Craig Davison

Dont Put The BEEP Lid On by Craig Davison

Princess Leia Armed Force by Craig Davison

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by Craig Davison


Super Troopers by Craig Davison

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  • Ian Macfarlane

    These are awesome!!

  • Monica Bergler

    These are wonderful! Brings back some great childhood memories.

  • It’s magnificent how art can sometime inspire you so much, that you want to recreate the depicted events in real life … even though you are already a grown-up person

  • Oleg Toptalov