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Just like the good old times we’re back with a new type related post to kick off yet another creative week. I recently came across the great work of Indonesian designer Abed Azary who’s been pushing out spectacular lettering designs for quite some time now. And today we’re taking a closer look at some of his beautifully lettered quotes.

If you like what you see and feel like checking out more of his work, I highly recommend checking out on his Instagram feed which is absolutely packed with lettering goodness.

You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips. By Abed Azarya

Leader of the Pack by Abed Azarya

What is important in a dress in the woman who is wearing it. By Abed Azarya

"Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future" By Abed Azarya

"Download pizza from the internet" By Abed Azarya

In Wine there's wisdom, in Beer there's freedom, in Water there's bacteria. Choose well. By Abed Azarya

Business is business and bullshit is bullshit but it takes money to buy whiskey. By Abed Azarya

"Beauty attracts the eye" by Abed Azarya

Business or Love? By Abed Azarya

Moments are greater than minutes. By Abed Azarya

A jealous woman does a better research than FBI? By Abed Azarya

No amount of guilt can change the past. By Abed Azarya

One advice of happiness... by Abed Azarya

Ink not Mink. Be comfortable in your own skin and let animals keep theirs. By Abed Azarya

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