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New week. More type. New feature. And today I’d like to shift the spotlight towards the awesome lettering work by Zane Kaiser – A designer/illustrator based in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

With a current focus on lettering and type illustration, my work is an exploration of a range of different styles in an admitted “pursuit of an extensive arsenal” through experimentation with different techniques and mediums. Drawing much of my inspiration from historic events, well known quotations, personal experiences, and a strong affinity toward the great outdoors, my work stems from an ever growing and lifelong passion to create. – Zane Kaiser

Onyx Coffee Cups by Zane Kaiser

Daybreaker Collective by Zane Kaiser

Ozark Elixir Bottles by Zane Kaiser

Born to fish, Forced to work by Zane Kaiser

Forge Yourself by Zane Kaiser

Eyes on Fire by Zane Kaiser

Yoder Smokers by Zane Kaiser

Stop Handing Me Lights by Zane Kaiser

Diamond in the Rough by Zane Kaiser

A day without laughter by Zane Kaiser

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  • Zane Kaiser

    Wow, this is great! Thanks very much, I really appreciate it