Logo inspiration | #844

25 Stellar Logo Designs

Logo inspiration | #844
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Creating a memorable logo may well be one of the most challenging tasks a designer can face. The success of an organization or brand can hinge on the effectiveness of a logo. So much information can be contained within those few shapes and lines. Here we present 25 logos from designers who were able to rise to the challenge and produce exemplary work.

Dead Threads by Michael Spitz
Go to image pageDead Threads by Michael Spitz

Music Town by Igor Garybaldi
Go to image pageMusic Town by Igor Garybaldi

Spike clothing
Go to image pageSpike clothing
Submitted by honza moucha.

Lovells Lager by Landor
Go to image pageLovells Lager by Landor

Innosoft by Fernando Díaz
Go to image pageInnosoft by Fernando Díaz

Fazenda do Mel - suggested logo
Go to image pageFazenda do Mel - suggested logo
Submitted by Gustavo Girard.

Williston ND by Mike Bruner
Go to image pageWilliston ND by Mike Bruner

Great Plains Power Co. by Mike Bruner
Go to image pageGreat Plains Power Co. by Mike Bruner

Red Stag Ale by Mike Bruner
Go to image pageRed Stag Ale by Mike Bruner

Carlo D'Angelo Identity
Go to image pageCarlo D'Angelo Identity

Go to image pageParkville
Submitted by Christine Calo.

The Green Radish
Go to image pageThe Green Radish

Legacy Supply Co. Logo
Go to image pageLegacy Supply Co. Logo
Submitted by Adam Dixon.

Axia Logo
Go to image pageAxia Logo
Submitted by Vinícius Costa de Souza.

Northern Pixels by Viktor Hugosson
Go to image pageNorthern Pixels by Viktor Hugosson

Magic Coffee
Go to image pageMagic Coffee
Submitted by ALL4LEO.

Go to image pageCocobolo
Submitted by Tie a tie .

The Corner Shop - 4
Go to image pageThe Corner Shop - 4
Submitted by Elia Pirazzo.

Jørgen Grotdal - Identity
Go to image pageJørgen Grotdal - Identity

DJ Charter by Stanislav Stanovov
Go to image pageDJ Charter by Stanislav Stanovov

Industrial Resolution by Ryan Smoker
Go to image pageIndustrial Resolution by Ryan Smoker

Printguru by Stanislav Stanovov
Go to image pagePrintguru by Stanislav Stanovov

Bison by YanaMakarevich
Go to image pageBison by YanaMakarevich

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  • Brian Hermelijn

    Great collection. Thanks for sharing :D

    • Chris Sims

      Glad you enjoyed the designs, Brian.

  • Tony Ray

    Can I just say the Jørgen Grotdal logo is eerily similar to the Guerilla Games logo?

    • Chris Sims

      Good eye, Tony. I’ve seen a couple logos recently myself that bear a resemblance to these. I might have to do a “Who Did It Better?” post soon. :)

      • Mario

        Jorgen’s looks better.

  • http://www.idealsite.it/ Eduardo G.

    Wow. Always good stuff here! Thanks for sharing

    • Chris Sims

      My pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Eduardo.

  • Viktor Hugosson

    Thanks for featuring me! Much appreciated :)

    • Chris Sims

      Absolutely! I see now that your logo doesn’t have the proper credit attached. I’m working to remedy that. Keep up the good work, Viktor.

  • Mykeljon

    Great logos. Only one problem. I don’t remember having seen most of them. They can’t be that memorable.

    • Chris Sims

      It’s entirely possible that you haven’t seen many of these designs, Mykeljon. I would never have seen most of these either, had it not been for the designers posting them online. Several of them are from smaller, local organizations that don’t have worldwide reach. For example, the first design is for The Shore, a church in Sarasota, Florida. Small market notwithstanding, the logo is well-crafted and I stand by my assessment that it is memorable. :)

  • isabellasophi668

    Thank For Sharing Information….

  • Saurabh Sham Shendge

    Amazing collection!