Logo Inspiration | #874

25 Fantastic Logo Designs

Logo Inspiration | #874
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Creating a memorable logo may well be one of the most challenging tasks a designer can face. The success of an organization or brand can hinge on the effectiveness of a logo. So much information can be contained within those few shapes and lines. Here we present logos from designers who were able to rise to the challenge and produce exemplary work.

Firefly Camps by Matt Stevens
Go to image pageFirefly Camps by Matt Stevens

F3 Corporate Identity by Paragon Marketing Communications
Go to image pageF3 Corporate Identity by Paragon Marketing Communications

Cloud Castle by Chai Ahmad
Go to image pageCloud Castle by Chai Ahmad

Black Fox by Roden Dushi
Go to image pageBlack Fox by Roden Dushi

Lopes Rosa by Breno Cardoso
Go to image pageLopes Rosa by Breno Cardoso

The Rusty Crab by Gregory Grigoriou
Go to image pageThe Rusty Crab by Gregory Grigoriou

Stef Dusseldorp visual identity
Go to image pageStef Dusseldorp visual identity
Submitted by Rogier Olijslager.

M by Mike DiLuigi
Go to image pageM by Mike DiLuigi
Submitted by Mike DiLuigi.

Houdini by Leo Porto
Go to image pageHoudini by Leo Porto

The Ninetys by Anton Burmistrov
Go to image pageThe Ninetys by Anton Burmistrov

iOS App Icon Design Process
Go to image pageiOS App Icon Design Process
Submitted by Ramotion.

cloudbau by Jonas Soder
Go to image pagecloudbau by Jonas Soder

Urawa by Triptic
Go to image pageUrawa by Triptic

Plug & Play by AndreasAngelis
Go to image pagePlug & Play by AndreasAngelis

Mozcon by derric
Go to image pageMozcon by derric

Feathers & Fur by Lumo
Go to image pageFeathers & Fur by Lumo

Concrete Matter by by Tim Boelaars
Go to image pageConcrete Matter by by Tim Boelaars

Chiefs Skincare Logo by Tim Boelaars
Go to image pageChiefs Skincare Logo by Tim Boelaars

Glimm Technology
Go to image pageGlimm Technology
Submitted by Tobiasz Konieczny.

Ship Logo by Srdjan Kirtic
Go to image pageShip Logo by Srdjan Kirtic

Everlong Design
Go to image pageEverlong Design

by An1ken Creative
Go to image pageby An1ken Creative

Hook Music by Jonas Soder
Go to image pageHook Music by Jonas Soder

Fresh Air Farm by Whiskey Design
Go to image pageFresh Air Farm by Whiskey Design

Veritaswave by Triptic
Go to image pageVeritaswave by Triptic

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  • Viktor Hugosson

    Thanks guys! :)

    • Chris Sims

      No problem, Viktor. Keep up the good work!

  • ryan

    it’s wonderful

  • http://about.me/mikefoxtr Mike Foxtr

    I really like Urava logo but not online. Suchi place kinda restaurant.

    • Juan Ayala

      I agree since the red circle could represent the Japanese flag. Also, the Urava design is very similar to Utrecht Art Supplies logo.

  • http://www.designhill.com/ David Paul

    Thanks for sharing a great collection of creative and unique logo design. In fact, logo is an effective marketing tool that helps in conveying business message to the target audience and makes it stand out from the crowd in. It also helps in combating competitors due to its unique design.