Logo Inspiration | #969

Logo Inspiration | #969
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Creating a memorable logo may well be one of the most challenging tasks a designer can face. The success of an organization or brand can hinge on the effectiveness of a logo. So much information can be contained within those few shapes and lines. Here we present logos from designers who were able to rise to the challenge and produce exemplary work.

Mosaic Health by Frane Gorjanc
Go to image pageMosaic Health by Frane Gorjanc

Designer DNA
Go to image pageDesigner DNA

Colossal Pictures by Antonius Murdhani
Go to image pageColossal Pictures by Antonius Murdhani

Go to image pageHB

Minka Inhouse by Sebastián Rodríguez
Go to image pageMinka Inhouse by Sebastián Rodríguez

2nd Annual Oregon Cabin Adventure Branding
Go to image page2nd Annual Oregon Cabin Adventure Branding
Submitted by Derek Walker.

Ammo Factory by Mathias Temmen
Go to image pageAmmo Factory by Mathias Temmen

Tumbleweed by Chad Riedel
Go to image pageTumbleweed by Chad Riedel

Helena Marie Identity
Go to image pageHelena Marie Identity

C. I. Hood, Inc by Nick Hood
Go to image pageC. I. Hood, Inc by Nick Hood

Nick Hood Identity
Go to image pageNick Hood Identity

Check Mark by Radu Jianu
Go to image pageCheck Mark by Radu Jianu

Genesis Dental Lab logo by Craig Valentino
Go to image pageGenesis Dental Lab logo by Craig Valentino

Phan Media logo option by Craig Valentino
Go to image pagePhan Media logo option by Craig Valentino

Infinity (logo)
Go to image pageInfinity (logo)

Yoga + Drip logo
Go to image pageYoga + Drip logo
Submitted by Kyson Dana.

Lectric/Eugene Farm
Go to image pageLectric/Eugene Farm
Submitted by Joe Flores.

Go to image pageSpillit
Submitted by Elia Pirazzo.

An Apple by George Bokhua
Go to image pageAn Apple by George Bokhua

CadXpert by Lukasz Ociepka
Go to image pageCadXpert by Lukasz Ociepka
Submitted by Lukasz Ociepka.

Stork by George Bokhua
Go to image pageStork by George Bokhua

BHE II by Scott Smoker
Go to image pageBHE II by Scott Smoker

DEPTHink by Mike DiLuigi
Go to image pageDEPTHink by Mike DiLuigi
Submitted by Mike DiLuigi.

Unify by Paul von Excite
Go to image pageUnify by Paul von Excite
Submitted by Paul von Excite.

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