Logo Inspiration | #984

25 Terrific Logo Designs

Logo Inspiration | #984
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Creating a memorable logo may well be one of the most challenging tasks a designer can face. The success of an organization or brand can hinge on the effectiveness of a logo. So much information can be contained within those few shapes and lines. Here we present logos from designers who were able to rise to the challenge and produce exemplary work.

PrimeTime by Stevan Rodic
Go to image pagePrimeTime by Stevan Rodic

Sonder by Lisa Nemetz
Go to image pageSonder by Lisa Nemetz

VQV by Lisa Nemetz
Go to image pageVQV by Lisa Nemetz

Reflect Architecture by Yogev Gevi Marotz
Go to image pageReflect Architecture by Yogev Gevi Marotz

Newwave by George Bokhua
Go to image pageNewwave by George Bokhua

by Ivan Bobrov
Go to image pageby Ivan Bobrov

Magnus Moan by Michael Spitz
Go to image pageMagnus Moan by Michael Spitz

Cubic Health  by Sabri Suby
Go to image pageCubic Health by Sabri Suby

Alex Poulsen Architects by Re-public
Go to image pageAlex Poulsen Architects by Re-public

Atelier Artisanale by QusQus
Go to image pageAtelier Artisanale by QusQus

Design by Petar Shalamanov
Go to image pageDesign by Petar Shalamanov

Fourteen by WeAreMash
Go to image pageFourteen by WeAreMash

The Crunch by Jacob Nielsen
Go to image pageThe Crunch by Jacob Nielsen

Essence Music Identity by Brian Steely
Go to image pageEssence Music Identity by Brian Steely

Maintenance & Construction by Alberto Herrera
Go to image pageMaintenance & Construction by Alberto Herrera
Submitted by Alberto Herrera.

W Monogram
Go to image pageW Monogram
Submitted by Tobiasz Konieczny.

HM Logotype by Coderain Agency
Go to image pageHM Logotype by Coderain Agency
Submitted by Coderain Agency.

Recycle Trees by Stephen Bramwell
Go to image pageRecycle Trees by Stephen Bramwell
Submitted by Stephen Bramwell.

Logotypes inspiration
Go to image pageSubmitted by Victor Antonelli.

Restaurant at No. 22 by Simon C. Page
Go to image pageRestaurant at No. 22 by Simon C. Page

HG Logo by Josh Abe
Go to image pageHG Logo by Josh Abe

BoostMail by Eddie Lobanovskiy
Go to image pageBoostMail by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Right Amount Of Weird by Gareth Hardy
Go to image pageRight Amount Of Weird by Gareth Hardy

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  • Kevin

    By the way, love this logo set. There are a lot of WOW logos. Thanks for pulling this together. How did you come to be an author on FuN?

  • Tomasz_Ollestudio

    One objection: Cubic Health look exactly like a Helvetic Brands except ‘C’ inside the cube.
    Evidance: http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/145

    • Jason

      I was going to say the exact same thing… I knew I had seen that logo before. Plus this example isn’t done all that well, the + is offset slightly to the top right. You can see about a 1px stroke of the underlying box. Could be intentional but in my opinion it looks accidental.

      • Tomasz_Ollestudio