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Here’s yet another one of those artists that have such a cool and unique style. Sean Loose is an illustrator/designer based in Savannah, Georgia, that continuously keeps on pushing out truly magnificent work. Most of his work is based on popular movies and TV-series but there are some other really great pieces in his portfolio – Like the Billie Holiday tribute located at the very end of this post, which actually is one of my personal favorites. To check out more of Sean’s work, head on over to his portfolio or profile on Behance.

Indiana Jones Poster by Sean Loose

Crazy for Swayze Poster by Sean Loose

The Godfather by Sean Loose

The Dude Abides by Sean Loose

Big Fish by Sean Loose

The Sound of Music by Sean Loose

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Sean Loose

The Shining Poster by Sean Loose

Back to the Future Weekend by Sean Loose

House of Cards by Sean Loose

Billie Holiday Birthday Tribute by Sean Loose

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  • Rodrigo Piasecki

    Reencarnação de Picasso? ahaha Muito bom mesmo!