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Mohamed Dawa : an Egyptian who is interested in many of the important graphic arts and designs. My talent and love of drawing started at a young age, which included Arabic calligraphy. Over the years I have developed my skills and talent to keep abreast with changes within the design world. Learning the appropriate programs to create professional designs, as well as studying different styles across many cultures, has given me credibility within the design world. This has evolved into certain areas of specialisation, namely; Advertising Branding Photography Interior Design Digital Painting Creative Director Hiring the right creative team, teamwork and development of ideas under my leadership, is critical to the success of each project. My dream is to enter the field of media and cinema in order to broaden my field of expertise.
February 8, 2016


Fun Typographic Designs by Jeff Rogers

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Jeff Rogers is a Brooklyn based multidisciplinary designer and illustrator specializing in custom lettering of all shapes and sizes. Jeff mixes both analog and digital techniques to create unique and joyful work that have attracted an impressive client list that includes Nike, The New York Times, McDonald’s, Google, Dreamworks, Ford, Nickelodeon and Urban Outfitters. If […]

February 5, 2016


Fantastic Illustrations by Bartosz Kosowski

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Bartosz Kosowski is an illustrator based in Lodz, Poland where he runs his own studio called Blackbird Illustration. Bartosz’ work primarily consists of portraits, editorial illustrations, movie posters and illustrations of recent events.

February 4, 2016


Beautiful Gig Posters | #1327

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We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback regarding our roundups of great poster designs. So in today’s gallery I’ve gathered 25 new gig posters for you guys. Personally I just love it when bands goes the extra mile and put both time and money into creating their gig posters.

February 3, 2016


Motion graphics inspiration | #1326

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“Research tells you what others have learned, instinct tells you what you have learned. Stop waiting to be taught something you already know.” -Tim S. Grover Motion graphics has become a popular design medium and something we are exposed to every day in this modern age of technology. Its presence is anywhere you will find […]

February 2, 2016


The Art of ​Greg Ruth

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​Greg Ruth is an illustrator, comic book artist and a New York Times bestselling author of “The Lost Boy” and has worked making books and comics since 1993. He has created two music videos for Prince and Rob Thomas, and has worked on nearly a dozen children’s picture books. Check out the documentary at the […]

February 1, 2016


Typography inspiration | #1325

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In our typography galleries we feature our latest findings containing nice type, hand-lettering & calligraphy designs. Tremendous work by talented artists all across the globe.

January 29, 2016


Beautiful Illustrations by Vero Navarro

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Vero Navarro is a freelance illustrator from La Mancha, Spain, currently living in Madrid. She is an enthusiast of colored pencils in one hand and digital techniques in the other. Vero’s body of work encompasses delicate and realistic renderings of human figure, fauna, flora, architecture and everything in between. In her works she tries to […]

January 28, 2016


Modern Architecture & Beautiful House Designs | #1324

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In our architecture section we showcase hand-picked contemporary house designs along with beautiful architectural concept designs from all over the globe. These galleries contain hot design trends and features everything from small wooden cottages to large modern skyscrapers. Put together by architects who’s really pushing the envelope by playing with unusual shapes and materials to […]