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Mohamed Dawa : an Egyptian who is interested in many of the important graphic arts and designs. My talent and love of drawing started at a young age, which included Arabic calligraphy. Over the years I have developed my skills and talent to keep abreast with changes within the design world. Learning the appropriate programs to create professional designs, as well as studying different styles across many cultures, has given me credibility within the design world. This has evolved into certain areas of specialisation, namely; Advertising Branding Photography Interior Design Digital Painting Creative Director Hiring the right creative team, teamwork and development of ideas under my leadership, is critical to the success of each project. My dream is to enter the field of media and cinema in order to broaden my field of expertise.
September 2, 2015

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Print design inspiration | #1268

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In our print galleries we present stunning posters designs, brochures, magazines and other great work from the wonderful world of print design. And in today’s roundup we’ve gathered 25 new business cards for you to feast you eyes on.

September 1, 2015

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Incredible Black & White Art by Paul Jackson

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Paul Jackson, a British artist based in Toronto, started to draw when he was 5 years old and realized while growing up that it was something that he would be doing for the rest of his life. His black and white art is incredibly detailed, and some pieces are even verging towards being hyper-realistic. Paul […]

August 31, 2015


Typography inspiration | #1267

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In our popular typography series we present our latest design findings containing nice type, hand-lettering & calligraphy work. Great quality stuff by talented creatives and artists all over the globe. And in this weeks gallery we’ve collected 25 new magnificent calligraphy and hand-lettering designs.

August 28, 2015


The Art of Mike Mitchell

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Due to popular demand, we have been trying to amp up the amount of features over the last couple of months. And today I have the pleasure to present the work of yet another great illustrator for you guys to feast your eyes on. Mike Mitchell is an artist from Austin, TX, who’s probably mostly […]

August 27, 2015

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Stunning Magazine Covers | #1266

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Finally time for a new roundup of beautiful magazine covers. All of these covers are collected on Pinterest where you can find even more great magazine covers. And if you’ve missed the previous posts in this series, you can check those out here: 35 Stunning Magazine Covers 42 Absolutely Stunning Magazine Covers

August 26, 2015


Motion graphics inspiration | #1265

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“Don’t put limitations on yourself. Other people will do that for you. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t bet against yourself.” -James Cameron Motion graphics has become an omnipresent player in this age of technology. Its presence is anywhere there is a screen and has become an essential and powerful way to communicate and create […]

August 25, 2015


Illustration inspiration | #1264

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Time for a new inspiration gallery packed with great illustration, paintings and drawings. Excellent high quality artwork from amazing artists all across the globe.

August 24, 2015


Type & Lettering Designs by Jordan Metcalf

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Here’s yet another one of those artists that have been published in numerous inspiration galleries over the years, and haven’t yet gotten his own feature here on F.u.N. Well, until now that is… We’ve seen the magnificent type and lettering work of Jordan Metcalf popping up all over the interweb and in big magazines for […]