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Simon C Page is a British self-taught graphic designer who’s mostly know for his minimalistic and geometric style.

“I have a passion for minimalism and some of my favourite and most rewarding designs involves typography, geometry and science fiction (which you can see from my astronomy prints and the occasional movie posters I design). I like my work to adapt and evolve naturally for each project and not stay too static, often challenging myself with new self-initiated works, regularly showing variation in my creative process.”– Simon C Page

International Year of Astronomy 09 by Simon C Page

Beyond 1 by Simon C Page

Beyond 4 by Simon C Page

Beyond 2 by Simon C Page

Beyond 3 by Simon C Page

Ink Dots by Simon C Page

Röyksopp Junior by Simon C Page

The Dark Side Pt.1 by Simon C Page

The Dark Side Pt.2 by Simon C Page

Moon Movie Poster by Simon C Page

Limited Edition Futurism Print by Simon C Page

Sweethearts by Simon C Page

The Astronomers' Ball Print by Simon C Page

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  • Vicki Van Der Meer

    Hi Simon, I’ve been watching From Up North through Pinterest for some time now as I have always been in love with Typography and have made creation of TypoPosters my main focus of my Arts business for the past year. Your posts and articles are so good, always showcasing the greatest artworks and artists across the globe. However, now that I’m actually trying to sign up to your website, I find that I cannot access the entirety of the sign up page. I tried scrolling down, but it only scrolls down the background web page. Meanwhile the overlaid Sign-Up page stays exactly where it is and the most I can get filled out is USERNAME. Is there any other portal or page where I can access the entire Sign-Up form? Looking forward to hearing back soon. Regards, Vicki van der Meer.

    • Hi Vicky, that sounds strange. It should work properly on all the major browsers. You could check if there’s an update available for your browser to see if that helps. We also have a login page which doesn’t use overlays, which you’ll find here: Hope it helps! :) /Daniel