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We’re back with yet another movie poster roundup. Some are old, some are new. Some are official and some are fan made. But they all have at least one thing in common – they are really beautifully executed.

Star Trek, The Motion Picture by Joshua M. Smith aka Hydro74

The Neon Demon

Star Trek – Beyond by Matt Ferguson

Evil Dead Movie Poster

To Catch a Thief Movie Poster by Laurent Durieux

Jaws Alternative Movie Poster

The Fly by Matt Ryan

Grey Matter Art will sell this incredible Guardians of the Galaxy poster by…

“To Linger. Death” by Matt Ryan Tobin

Steel Country Poster

Mad Max – Fury Road,

Back to the Future by Ralf Krause

Acheron 'Aliens' Poster by Matt Ferguson

Ant-man by Alexander Iaccarino

Interstellar Poster

The Forest, 2016

The Hateful Eight by MO CARO

The Wolverine Poster

"Chainsaw" for Film Riot by Adam Rabalais

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET poster by Mike Saputo

Pans Labyrinth by Vance Kelly

Into the Wild by Viraj Nemlekar

The Birds Poster by Ken Taylor

The Thin Red Line by João Ruas


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  • Great collection but the ‘Into The Wild’ poster is a total rip off (even down to the colour palette) of the promotional artwork for ‘FIREWATCH’ a game by Olly Moss. Who also did the promo art.

    • kiss0fthebullet


    • There’s a similar alternative poster of Breaking Bad (done by another designer) that also has the same aesthetic – right down to the color palette. It has been around for a-while, even before Firewatch was released.

      I think it’s unfair to label the Into the Wild poster as a “rip-off” – especially seeing how Olly Moss did not invent the style and that countless examples exist all over the Internet! :)

      • I’d love to see the Breaking Bad poster you’re referring to, sounds cool! Also I think that’s ok when the subject matter is vastly different. However into the wild and firewatches’ environments are pretty much the same in this image, even the composition of the rolling trees and mountains behind the van are EXACLTYthe same as the trees and mountains in Ollys work, hence why I said it was a rip off. Even the order of the colour distribution is the same as well as the TYPE of trees.

        Referencing another style is very different to simply copying it directly. I should know because the majority of my t shirt designs reference very well known pieces of pop culture.

        • First off: am I to understand that you’re a graphic designer, too? If so, good to make your acquaintance. I like to call myself as one as well – however, after seeing your profile page, I’m nowhere as close to where you are, but I’m reaching there! :)

          Regarding the Breaking Bad poster, follow this link (second one):

          Upon closer inspection, yes you’re right: the similarities are more than uncanny, there’s definitely some heavy borrowing going on. I retract my original comment about “unfair” but I maintain that we shouldn’t be harsh to the original designer, nor carelessly condemn his design as a cheap rip-off because everyone has to start off somewhere. If he’s reading the comments he will now know not to make a mistake like this in the future, and that he should be more careful in creating original artwork. At the very least, he was able to come up with a pleasing composition with a fitting subject matter to match – which is saying something, don’t you think?

          Take care! :)

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