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Showreels is a great way to present your best motion work. Creating a strong (show/demo)reel is a discipline hard to master but is a unique way for you to quickly present your work, and for other people to get a feel for your style and skill sets.
In this special feature we have selected some cool showreels from 2015, which range from a mix of talented solo artists – to professional studio reels. Wether it is how they are composed, the atmosphere, originality, entertainment value, or the work itself presented in the showreel – these reels got some extra X.

I hope you will enjoy this post – either as a bit of entertainment for your next coffee break or commute, or you can find some inspiration and motivation to help you create your next cool showreel!

“It doesn’t matter how badly you paint, so long as you don’t paint badly like other people.”
-George Moore

Twistedpoly / Nejc Polovsak

Nicolas Doretti

Oliver Sin


Mathijs Luijten


Toros Köse

Cub Studio

Peter Clark

Christoffer Bjerre

PepRally / Erica Gorochow

Paulin Girard

David Stanfield

Andreas Berglund


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  • Excellent stuff. I really enjoyed watching these

  • Andrew Lewman

    Future Deluxe and Twisted Poly have one video at 1:13 (FutureDeluxe) , 0:06 (TwistedPoly)
    Thank you it’s amazing!