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“It’s not about being world-class; it’s about being the best you can be.”
-Julian Goater

Motion graphics has become a popular design medium and something we are exposed to every day in this modern age of technology. Its presence is anywhere you will find a screen and it has become a great way to communicate and create visual experiences for everyone. Motion mixes several design arts as animation, 3d, stop motion, illustration, images, typography, cinematography, sound design etc. to create these visual experiences, tell stories, bring emotions to life and develop unique entertainment.

We strive to feature pieces that we think my inspire and entertain you. So have a little break, and enjoy this week’s picks..

Only Now

Submitted by Other Peter.

FORMS IN NATURE: Understanding Our Universe

Hotellook Promo

TOCA ME 2016 Opening titles by Studioastic, The Finest & Paul Taylor

Sky - Sky Q

Dignity Health

The Last Job on Earth - The Guardian

Samsung GS7
Submitted by nöbl studio.

Project Literacy - The Alphabet Of Illiteracy

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