Motion graphics inspiration | #240

Motion graphics inspiration | #240
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In From up North’s inspiration galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of design. Amazing high quality artworks in various categories from great designers all over the globe.

The Rhythm of Spacetime

HTC Sensation

TNK Pulsar

MTV – New Video Charts

Omega Code by Laurens G



Demo Reel ’11 – Michael Carlson

Submitted by Michael Carlson

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About the author

Hey, my name is Daniel Nelson. I´m a graphic designer/web developer from Sweden and I'm the creator of From up North.
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    Very cool motion graphics!!!


    Very cool motion graphics, I like it!

  • Marcus Avedis

    I always wanted to get into Motion graphics but never knew where to start. Any pointers Daniel?

    • Daniel Nelson

      Yeah, I’ve learned sooo much from tutorials by Andrew Kramer at Videocopilot and Nick Campbell aka Greyscalegorilla. Both are great resources so be sure to check them out if you haven’t seen them before! :)

      • Marcus Avedis

        damn, some of those are awesome tuts, though to start off with I need something extremely basic. Unfortunately I have never even opened after effects before : /

    • Froyd

      Start with Aftereffects, get some tuts from videocopilot and later on add some cinema4d skills….that should do the trick

  • inspirationfeed

    TNK Pulsar is so awesome! It’s in Russian, so I can actually understand it haha.

  • i2space

    The Rhythm of Spacetime and TNK Pulsar were awesome good design. Grow up by doing the awesome designs.

  • seth benson

    Thanks ! Lovely work.

  • Frinley Paul

    Hey Daniel, you are doing good things for the entire web graphic design community. This website is helpful for many young designers online. Thanks for creating such a wonderful website for inspiration!