Motion graphics inspiration | #517

Awesome mograph pieces!

Motion graphics inspiration | #517
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Motion graphics (or Mograph) is a way to convey a story with the use of moving images and techniques like animation, CGI and cinematography. Here we’ve put together a new collection of stunning videos from some of the most talented mographers around.

PIMPON Musicvideo

Submitted by Remy GENTE

ilovedust showreel 2012


Submitted by Romain Loubersanes

CS6 Stinger


Submitted by Erian

Vodalabs – The Digital Alchemists

Submitted by Rafael Braga

VIRIDIAN – Behind the scenes with isayx3

Submitted by Aaron Kim

Displace and Reduce

Submitted by Toros Köse

Elections 2012, Skai TV Ident

Submitted by Anthimos Xenos

This last one isn’t what we usually show in these galleries but I thought it was pretty damn impressive and added it anyways!

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  • Viktor Grjaznov

    Very impressive last video – How to train your dragon – I think that is the future of any Broadway show. Very innovative.