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Motion graphics is a great way to convey and tell a story using moving images and various techniques like animation, CGI and cinematography. We’ve put together a new collection of some wonderful examples and pieces from some of you amazing mographers out there.

Crooners and Coffee

A4C - Child Care Center

Movistar 4G LTE

Submitted by Guillermo Daldovo.

Alpha TV Xmas Idents


Hello world

Q Headphones

Pause Fest 2014 - Connected ID
Submitted by Yes Captain.

ESPN 30 for 30 opening sequence

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  • Arianna

    It is common knowledge that graphics are not required to be solely static or fixed in order to be considered a true graphic. Visual elements, in whatever form you desire, can be achieved by creating after effects with motion graphics. Motion graphics is a term for graphics that utilise both video and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion.

    • Joe Nicklo

      huh? where did that come from?

      • DJ03

        common knowledge ?