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We’re back with yet another great illustrator that’s pushing out some killer movie related artwork. In today’s feature we’re taking a deeper look at the work of Matt Ryan who’s a freelance illustrator & graphic designer from Hamilton Ontario, Canada. That’s about as much information I was able to dig up about Matt, so I’ll just let the illustrations speak for themselves. And I recommend checking out his portfolio to see more of his stellar work.

Nightcrawler by Matt Ryan

Nightcrawler Alternative by Matt Ryan

Afflicted by Matt Ryan

Bride of Chucky by Matt Ryan

12 Monkeys by Matt Ryan

The Lost Boys by Matt Ryan

Dead Alive by Matt Ryan

Groundhog Day by Matt Ryan

Interview with the Vampire by Matt Ryan

The Blair Witch Project by Matt Ryan

Desperado by Matt Ryan

From Dusk till Dawn by Matt Ryan

Die Hard by Matt Ryan

Let the right one in by Matt Ryan

Unbreakable by Matt Ryan

Jason Lives by Matt Ryan

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