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Almost 3,5 years have passed since we last did a feature of Polish illustrator Grzegorz Domaradzki and his work. Gabz, as he’s also know as, have been a very busy little bee during that time and have produced quite a number of new smashing pieces. As the massive movie buff that I am I’m of course most impressed with the series of smashing movie posters he’s been pushing out. And in today’s post I’ve selected 12 of my personal favorites. If you want to see more of Gabz’s work, head on over to his portfolio.

Top Gun illustration by Gabz

Terminator illustration by Gabz

Terminator 2  illustration by Gabz

Dredd illustration by Gabz

Escape from New York illustration by Gabz

Predator illustration by Gabz

True Romance illustration by Gabz

Ambition illustration by Gabz

Mulholland Drive illustration by Gabz

Inception illustration by Gabz

Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles illustration by Gabz

The Walking Dead illustration by Gabz

Big Significant Things illustration by Gabz

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  • These are beyond amazing. Why don’t all movie posters look like this?

  • Steven Lyager

    Amazing, but why on earth did he paint all masks red on the Turtles… That is borderline blasphemy

    • Dan Masoomi

      In the original comics all the turtles had the same colour headbands they only changed the colours when they went global and made the toys so people could relate and identify each character

    • jopamo

      Not really…considering in the first comics they ACTUALLY were all red..