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A couple of weeks back we presented a new inspiration site called SerialThriller which is a Tumblr blog with the purpose to be a complement to From up North. A lot of images will be posted on both sites but since SerialThriller is an image based blog it’ll give you a different way to find awesome designs with the use of keywords and tags.

SerialThriller will also focus on high quality designs but won’t be as strict as From up North so there will be a lot more images added over there. And just like From up North you’re able to submit your suggestions using the form on the site. Tip: By submitting on SerialThriller you automatically submit the image to the inspiration galleries here on From up North as well.

The site is still in a really early stage and will get a major update/facelift shortly. I decided go with Mr.Godin’s advice and not wait to “ship”. (Those of you who have read “Linchpin” know what I mean)

So be sure to check out SerialThriller if you haven’t already.
(The archive is a great way to get a quick overlook over what’s been published.)

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