Packaging inspiration | #726

25 Beautifully Designed Products & Labels

Packaging inspiration | #726
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In From up North’s packaging galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of packaging and product design.

Go to image pageUrbanears

Gillette Redesign, Graduation Project
Go to image pageGillette Redesign, Graduation Project
Submitted by Anton Green.

A Clockwork Orange
Go to image pageA Clockwork Orange

 Loving Earth
Go to image page Loving Earth

Geneva Lake Brewing Co. Packaging
Go to image pageGeneva Lake Brewing Co. Packaging

Zdravo Organic - Organic Food Redesign by Nemanja Jehlicka
Go to image pageZdravo Organic - Organic Food Redesign by Nemanja Jehlicka

Pasta Packaging
Go to image pagePasta Packaging

 Wiener Honig
Go to image page Wiener Honig

 Lake Superior Brewing Concept
Go to image page Lake Superior Brewing Concept

Azimuth 270
Go to image pageAzimuth 270

Crisp And Company Dill Pickles Label by David Cran
Go to image pageCrisp And Company Dill Pickles Label by David Cran

QDO by Bessermachen DesignStudio
Go to image pageQDO by Bessermachen DesignStudio

Burts British Chips
Go to image pageBurts British Chips

Blue Chair Bay
Go to image pageBlue Chair Bay

Amatos Packaging
Go to image pageAmatos Packaging
Submitted by Luke Klenske.

 Budweiser's 'Bowtie Shape' Can
Go to image page Budweiser's 'Bowtie Shape' Can

R&B Brewing
Go to image pageR&B Brewing

Go to image pageMaker by THE MADE SHOP

Pfeffersack & Soehne
Go to image pagePfeffersack & Soehne

TMA-1 DJ Headphones
Go to image pageTMA-1 DJ Headphones

Limited edition luxury hand made travel pack.
Go to image pageLimited edition luxury hand made travel pack.

Intrigue Chocolate Co.
Go to image pageIntrigue Chocolate Co.

Hendrick’s Quinetum
Go to image pageHendrick’s Quinetum

Winemaker’s Selection
Go to image pageWinemaker’s Selection

Double Vienna (ambigram)
Go to image pageDouble Vienna (ambigram)

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  • Jonathan smith

    Beautiful packaging is more than enough for getting people attracted for product. These are some fabulous piece of designs of packaging.