Packaging inspiration | #754

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Packaging inspiration | #754
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In From up North’s packaging galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of packaging and product design.

La Michoacana
Go to image pageLa Michoacana

One Percent Shoe Packaging
Go to image pageOne Percent Shoe Packaging

Go to image pageO-Hour

Lettering and label project by Matheus Lopes
Go to image pageLettering and label project by Matheus Lopes

Bellroy Wallet Packaging
Go to image pageBellroy Wallet Packaging

Vintage Kellogg's packaging
Go to image pageVintage Kellogg's packaging

Small Talk Vineyard
Go to image pageSmall Talk Vineyard

South Lawn frost by Kate Allaire
Go to image pageSouth Lawn frost by Kate Allaire

Killnoise Packaging
Go to image pageKillnoise Packaging

Rice Enoir Sake
Go to image pageRice Enoir Sake

Packaging inspiration
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Handy Nails Packaging
Go to image pageHandy Nails Packaging

Marshall Fridge
Go to image pageMarshall Fridge

Caca Cava
Go to image pageCaca Cava

Ear Pollution by Connary Fagen
Go to image pageEar Pollution by Connary Fagen

Demon Redesign by Csaba Bernáth
Go to image pageDemon Redesign by Csaba Bernáth

Wheeler’s Western Dry Gin
Go to image pageWheeler’s Western Dry Gin

Evil Spirits Vodka
Go to image pageEvil Spirits Vodka

YT Beeswax Lipbalm
Go to image pageYT Beeswax Lipbalm

Agostoni Chocolate
Go to image pageAgostoni Chocolate

Ferguson Maple Syrup
Go to image pageFerguson Maple Syrup

Bordeaux Rosé
Go to image pageBordeaux Rosé
Submitted by Leslie Tavernier et Sébastien Portalier.

Flour packaging
Go to image pageFlour packaging

White Artisan Playing Cards
Go to image pageWhite Artisan Playing Cards

Take away beer
Go to image pageTake away beer

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