Photography inspiration | #692

Beautiful mixed photography

Photography inspiration | #692
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In From up North’s photography galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of photography. Amazing high quality shots from great photographers all over the globe.

Yan McLine
Go to image pageYan McLine

Paradoxe temporel by Christopher Macquet
Go to image pageParadoxe temporel by Christopher Macquet

"Amnios" - Eric Ceccarini
Go to image page"Amnios" - Eric Ceccarini

Niemeyer Sky by Manu Díaz
Go to image pageNiemeyer Sky by Manu Díaz

Cream by Igor Klepnev
Go to image pageCream by Igor Klepnev

Matthias Heiderich
Go to image pageMatthias Heiderich

Sun from pine by Igor Isanovic
Go to image pageSun from pine by Igor Isanovic

Migle by Imantas Boiko
Go to image pageMigle by Imantas Boiko

G2 by Imantas Boiko
Go to image pageG2 by Imantas Boiko

Photography inspiration
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SKY IS THE LIMIT by Eva Bouvard
Go to image pageSKY IS THE LIMIT by Eva Bouvard

Afterlight by Jan Kriwol
Go to image pageAfterlight by Jan Kriwol

Greta by Imantas Boiko
Go to image pageGreta by Imantas Boiko

Leonard Gren
Go to image pageLeonard Gren

Sunset crystals by Álvaro Martino
Go to image pageSunset crystals by Álvaro Martino

Radisson, Lyon France
Go to image pageRadisson, Lyon France

Vadim Stein
Go to image pageVadim Stein

Ethereal by Oliver Regueiro
Go to image pageEthereal by Oliver Regueiro

Photography inspiration
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The dancer by Alexander Yakovlev
Go to image pageThe dancer by Alexander Yakovlev

Go to image pageSwim

Still. by Brian Adelberg
Go to image pageStill. by Brian Adelberg

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  • SannaKDesign

    Hello, my name is Sanna Kallioniemi and I am running a similar site. Well nowhere near the same level and I’m all alone, but still… I really like the top-photo by Rodchenko, so I wish to post it myself with some information about the artist. How do I get in touch with her/him? I tried googling Rodchenko, but only found a russian guy shooting in black n white during the 1920’s and 30’s :)

    / Sanna K

    • Daniel Nelson

      Tjenare Sanna, after some digging I found out that the photo with the title “Rodchenko” is actually taken by Eva Bouvard(also know as Red R) who’s been inspired by the Russian artist Alexander Rodchenko.

      You can contact Eva on her website:


      • SannaKDesign

        Awesome Danne! Thanks a lot :)

        / Sanna K