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In From up North’s inspiration galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of design. Amazing high quality artworks in various categories from great designers all over the globe.

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

Martini Rosato by Marcus Avedis
Martini Rosato by Marcus Avedis

Unknown ChaosSubmitted by silz

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

PlaygroundSubmitted by kevin roodhorst

NowhereSubmitted by rekzorr

Photoshop inspiration

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  • Great post today – I really like the piece with the Elephants but there are many other solid works here as well!

  • Lovely Round-up as usual!

  • Tim


  • brian

    turksworks has some awesome stuff, you should throw some more of his stuff up there. for the quality of his work his flickr is relatively unnoticed, he does legit work.

  • Thanks for posting my work Daniel ! Inspiring collection again ! can’t wait for the next photoshop post !

  • fajas colombianas

    you have such an awesome mind to think of such deviations. I like these very much.

  • fantastic collection!! very unique work!!! congrats!

  • Oh my god! this is my first featured! Tanks a lot! All the works are fantastic here.

  • mug25

    As much as I love the effects on all of these pieces it seems like digital artists (I call them that b/c theres more art than design in this type of work) — all use the same common themes.

    Those themes are:

    1. A cute woman dancing freely
    2. A cell phone
    3. A bottle of liquor
    4. A random person shouting

    It’s like “Hey! I want to do a cool effect but I’m not creative enough to come up with my own theme so I’m just gonna go to istock and download the most popular photos and photoshop them”

    I was guilty of this at one time but realized that I’d be selling myself short if I did this kinda stuff on a regular basis.

    On 9 out of 10 of these pieces, the photoshop work is amazing. The concept is below average. Just sayin’.

  • Joost Huver

    Thanks for the feature!

  • I loved “Omen”.
    I’ve seen a lot of artwork from this Omegear guy lately… Goood good !

  • Reilly Newman

    All of these are fantastic!
    I really like the first one!

    -Reilly Newman
    Zangaroo Designs

  • AWESOME! I love these images they are totally inspiring!

  • NGD

    Awesome works all around

  • Harison

    Thank you for featuring me! I really appreciate it