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In From up North’s inspiration galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of design. Amazing high quality artworks in various categories from great designers all over the globe.

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

Photoshop inspiration

NightmareSubmitted by Dario Calonaci

A Simple Guy
A Simple GuySubmitted by Lucas Rani

EnergeticSubmitted by silz


Leave The FleshSubmitted by Jorge Artola

Photoshop inspiration

No sleep tonight
No sleep tonight

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  • Viktor

    Thanks for featuring me! I really appreciate it :D

  • Wonderfull collection again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Thanks Daniel, really great inspiration!

  • Captain Morgan

    Not very inspiring for me, most of these are just random particle effects thrown at a stock image with a few adjustment layers to finish off. The kind of stuff the kids on Deviant Art do before they get proper jobs.

    Compositionally there’s mostly tedious with no evidence of understanding of the rule of thirds or golden mean.

    Let’s see some proper IDEAS rather than “me too” effects, please.

    • Admiral Nelson

      The rule of thirds and usage of the golden mean are only rules of thumb, and shouldn’t be used as strict guidelines. Actually, pieces that strictly use phi to structure the composition can very easily look lop-sided, and the overuse of the rule of thirds in landscape photography has lead to an upsurge in work that blatantly ignores it in the hope of looking interesting.

      Also, unless you’re researching neuroscience, or are interested in geometry and basic biology (irrelevant to your average artist or designer), there is nothing to understand about these rules except knowing that they exist, (And pretty much any 13yr old who’s taken an art class will have picked these up.)

  • Thanks for featuring, you rock!

  • really nice stuff here!!! thanks for featuring my temptation!!! I really appreciate it!!

    and Captain Morgan_ I don’t add myself to it. :P