Project: Ferrari 612 GTO

Project: Ferrari 612 GTO
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It´s time for yet another fantastic car concept. The Ferrari 612 GTO is created by Sasha Selipanov who´s also known as “The angry car Designer”. His friend Samir Sadixov rendered out these amazing images of the stunning car. I really hope that someone from Ferrari sees this and gets inspired…

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Hey, my name is Daniel Nelson. I´m a graphic designer/web developer from Sweden and I'm the creator of From up North.
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  • johnny

    me like and me want

  • Chris

    Ohh I’m in, I want one too. :P Awesome

  • Kai

    Me in. I want three.
    Incredible. Makes me wanna cry…

  • shane

    dammn…it awsome…….what are the softares u used

  • kulturmultur

    дай дуракам в руки линейку – так они её сломают и поубиваются к чертям. Один горе-визуализатор – другой горе-дизайнер – результат абра-кадабра.

  • DesignSLAP

    Freaking Awesome! I hope some kind of car maker sees it and gets inspired. That car should be made! Great work, BTW.

  • Manoel Andreis Fernandes

    Amazing, freaking awsome.

  • mec

    OMG this ferrari is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen, holly shit, the other ferraris are ugly in compare with this one.

  • molly

    i like thos cars.

  • Mohsin Fancy – Graphic Designer

    Really Cool, Keep it up

  • Dieti

    Oooo this is the car. The best for now!

  • zohaib zulfiqar (Pakistani Graphic Designer)

    Wow! Nice Modeling, rendering and design
    keep it up