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I just love when the car companies start showing of their new concept cars. Usually they are very wild and bold, and that is kind of their purpose. Ford recently announced their latest addition to the concept car family, the Ford Evos! And it sure is no exception! Those doors looks a bit crazy but at the same time kind of cool. It’s really to bad that this is yet another one of those beautiful cars that will never get produced. But apparently the front is the new face for the next generations of Fords. I personally hope that they change their minds and produce the rest of the car as well. ;)

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  • KevinJ

    Thanks for sharing. I read somewhere else that this actually concept “will” be produced.


  • Marcus Avedis

    I was pretty disappointed, yes it may be a beautiful car, but that’s not hard to do when you are practically making a mirror image of the 2015 Lotus Elise. Basically, they took the 2015 Lotus Elise, Mixed it with the Jaguar C-X16 Concept, and threw in a little BMW M1 Concept.

    I hope KevinJ is right, regardless of if its a copy, it is still good looking(minus the hideous ford badges). It probably wont get produced for a while considering LED headlights have yet to be approved by DOT. Plus, companies have a notorious reputation for saying they’re going to produce their concept cars and never following through. They will likely do a simplified and less expensive version, because trust me, regardless of how nice it looks, people aren’t going to be purchasing a Ford for $200,000, unless its a Ford GT

  • KevinJ: Ah, I might have been misinformed regarding if its going to be produced or now, we’ll just have to wait and see. ;)

    Marcus: I can see what you mean, another thing is that the grill kind of reminds me of a Aston Martin.