Project: Lamborghini Yacht

Project: Lamborghini Yacht
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Italian transportation designer Mauro Lecchi made a really stunning concept yacht that borrowed styling elements from iconic Lamborghini cars the like of the Countach, Gallardo and Reventon. 15 meters long, carbon/kevlar body, triple Lamborghini V12’s (or twin 700-horsepower Volvo Penta turbo-diesels), three decks, one master bedroom and one guestroom… Yep, I definitely want one… Lets hope the concept sees daylight someday and that we all will win the lottery… ;)

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  • Chris

    This thing is awesome…. Well it’s Lamborghini :P
    But I can’t help, it reminds me of Wally Power 118, witch is a absolut killer too :D

    • Missy J.

      I agree with you Chris, something is very similar with the Wally Power. However I feel the Lambo is a bit more graceful. :)

  • Sustainable Earth

    Oh yes, I wouldn’t mind having that in my lake out back!