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Time to introduce a new section of the blog where we collect and present awesome resources from all over the web. In this first one were going to cover a specific 3D application that have been becoming increasingly popular, Cinema 4D by Maxon. And one of the best places to learn Cinema 4D has got to be over at Greyscalegorilla, a great blog run by Nick Campbell a.k.a The Gorilla.

Below you’ll find 12 awesome video tutorials from Nick and at the very end of the post we’re doing a giveaway of a bundle of Nick’s two amazing light rigs for Cinema 4D: HDRI Light Kit Pro and the brand new HDRI Studio Pack!


As mentioned we’re giving away a bundle of Nick’s two great light rigs for Cinema 4D HDRI Light Kit Pro and the brand new HDRI Studio Pack worth 69 bucks each!
You participade by dropping a comment on this post saying that you want it, it’s as easy as that!

The winner will be picked by random on December 29th and will be presented in this post and on our twitter the same day. Best of luck everyone!

Check out these videos of Nick showing the rigs, and click on the images to
see more renders over at Nick’s blog.

Update: The winner have been picked by random and is…
Stephen Konsor
Congratulations, you will be contacted shortly!

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  • Dan

    Cool collection of tutorials. Been working through the tutorials at greyscalegorilla for a couple of weeks. Been meaning to but the HDRI light kit but other peoples christmas presents come first.

    Would love to get The HDRI Light kit for christmas. Please.



  • Corey West

    Nice roundup man! And hell-yeah, I want to win! :D

  • jesss33


  • love these tuts, there awesome!
    always wanted to give c4d a try but never found actually good tutorials!

  • Creative Jonny

    Loving the Tutorials and would love a crack on the software! Make my Christmas!!!

  • mug25

    Nice!!! I have something to do tonight.

  • foureyez

    I really really want it, pretty please, with sugar on top!

  • Mr_Blue_Sky

    These tuts are really great!!!!! I was always looking for tutorials like these!
    And of course I want to win those Give aways! :D

  • Hi there!! Awesome Post!!
    I deffinately want to win that!!

  • Don Johnson

    Nick is the man when it comes to motion graphics. I appreciate his commitment and devotion to educating and helping the community. Well done! :)

  • Kiluka


  • Anton

    I wants tha kits

  • Johnny

    You have a great site going on right now. Im loving all the different inspirations you bring. Nicks tutorials and his live webcast every Wednesday are also pretty kickass. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Pedro Rocha

    I so want this pack. Nice tuts by the way.

  • I want it!!!
    Nice tutorial, i follow Nick’s work, its very instructive.

  • Jack

    Best C4D tutorials online!
    GSG and fromupnorth rock! :D

    Marry Christmas everyone!

  • Ruben

    Great Tutorials! Entering for the kits!

  • Stephen Konsor

    YES PLEASE! I would love to have a copy of those goodies!

  • mug25

    Oh yeah, didn’t even see the contest….I want it!

  • Man I so want that stuff! Nick would then become my new favorite Santa Claus!!

  • i’d kill for it!

  • ev4n

    That kit would be so useful! I’d kill for it :D

  • giackop

    wow it would be so useful…. hope to win… and congrats for the site ;)

  • I want it. Oh how I want it.

  • Sander

    I….I….wantst it!
    I needst it!

    Please? For Christmas?

  • Seriously just comment? Perfect. I would love to win!

    Greyscale Gorilla rules. Thanks for all the tips!

  • This guy is just brilliant. Makes it easy and fast for motion designers (like me) to have basic tools and turn them into pure creativity. Thanks a lot Nick! I want those packs.. i NEED THEM!!! PLEASE! HEHEHE!

  • I really want to win the bundle!
    Nice post!

  • Aaron

    Fantastic stuff. Would love those light packs.

  • Morgan

    i want it!
    awesome tutorials

  • Ahmed mohtaseb

    Would love to win. Thanks

  • Marco

    Cool tutorials!
    I don’t need the HDRI packs so why should I get it?
    Well, simple: because I’m lucky! :)

  • Azril

    I want it. Make me happy, Santa! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • From one Gorilla to another. This would be aweomse. I definitely want it.

  • Daniel L

    Yum. Big fan. Want.

  • Dyna!

    I want IT!

  • Great tutorials by a great guy! And yes, I also would like to win! :)

  • some of the best tutorials, would like to win some cool stuff to make some more cool things!

  • David

    Nick is doing great stuff.
    Would love to get the kit!

  • Ian`

    sweeet stuff

  • Mart Kay

    i want it pls ;)

  • Akira

    Gotta love the Gorilla.

    The light kits would be perfect for me and my lovely copy of Cinema 4D R12, so I guess I really want them ;)

  • Rodrigo Lira

    Of course i want it! Nice tutorials by the way.

  • Hope Santa brings me a Light Kit!..

  • Jacky

    i want. please :)

  • wien

    thanks for this post, it’s very helpful

  • diller

    I like your tutorials. And I like a present like your kits.

  • dylan

    I’d love to win the light kits

  • Diego Garcia

    Gorilla is awesome, their works is really great, the light kits and the tutorials is unique, it’s very hard to see tutorials like that for free.

  • Diego Garcia

    Yeahh, I want the Kits from gorilla!

  • Uriel

    i deserve it because i want to learn the way the pros do.

  • Mohamed Ibrahim

    I want it !!!

  • mug25

    I purchased the HDRI Light Kit Pro and I absolutely love it! Didn’t get the Studio Pack though, def want :D

    Gorilla’s tutorials are top notch. Definitely learned a lot so far.

  • The winner have been picked by random and is… Stephen Konsor
    Congratulations, you will be contacted shortly!

  • mug25


  • fet

    more similar lessons for cinema!

  • wow tutorials!