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Maxim Goudin is an Ukrainian 3D artist working as an art director at INDG Amsterdam. Now, some of projects listed in his feature are not single handedly created by Maxim, some he worked on with a team. So to read the full list of credits, and to check out the pieces in more detail, be sure to check out the projects on Maxim’s Behance profile.

Record Player by Maxim Goudin

Philips Sonicare tech 1 by Maxim Goudin

Philips Sonicare tech 2 by Maxim Goudin

Polygons by Maxim Goudin

CG by Maxim Goudin

Box#1 by Maxim Goudin

Vehicle concept by Maxim Goudin

Detail by Maxim Goudin

3D details by Maxim Goudin

Ralph Lauren Watch by Maxim Goudin

Ralph Lauren Watch(detail) by Maxim Goudin

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