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Now when the whole Star Wars craze surrounding last years epic release of “The Force Awakens” have settled down a bit, I noticed that the amount of fan art coming out has also gone down significantly. People in general are tired of seeing Kylo Ren and lightsabers everywhere they go, I guess… Well, I’m definitely not one of those people as the inner nerd in me simply can’t get enough of them.

I recently came across the work of Omaha-based illustrator and graphic designer Tysen Johnson who has created some really stunning pieces that focus on some of the many vehicles in the movies. Tysen’s process often starts with building basic shapes in 3D-softwares and then bringing everything into Photoshop where he then continues to paints over the 3D-render.

Deployment by Tysen Johnson

X-Wing Wreckage by Tysen Johnson

ATAT Shelter by Tysen Johnson

ATAT Shelter by Tysen Johnson

Gold Squadron Hangar by Tysen Johnson

Star Destroyer by Tysen Johnson

Crash Landing (Y-Wing) by Tysen Johnson

Ground Assault (Juggernaut) by Tysen Johnson

Landspeeder by Tysen Johnson

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