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Update: This post is referring to the old site so isn’t completely accurate anymore. A post about how it works on the new site will be up shortly.

I’ve always said that From up North is about inspiring and promoting fellow creatives all over the globe. Over the 3,5 years this blog have been around we’ve published almost 24.000 images in our inspiration galleries. And since the last big update in April I’ve really tried to improve the promoting part by adding as much information about the creator/s as possible. However, I find a lot of the content through social media and other blogs. And if those sites don’t contain any information regarding credit, it’s quite hard for us to add any information at all. Going out and diggin’ up the information for each piece would be far to time consuming and would probably take most of the day.

But I’ve now added a function to the site where all our visitors can actually submit information regarding a specific piece if he/she would happen to have more information about it. Through this function it’s also possible to submit the origial source(like the creators portfolio) so that one can go directly there without going though the various blogs and social channels it’s has gone though before ending up on From up North.

Here’s how it works

Below each image there’s now a small image which takes you to the image in the archive.
This link is available on all images published after the post Typography inspiration | #463 as we switched from
a static image handling system to a custom dynamic one.

There’s now a link located below the image, which you press to open up the credit submission form.

Simply add what you know about the piece and submit the form. We’ll review the info as fast as we can and will update it in the database if it checks out.
When the info is updated both the post and the archive will show the new credit information.

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