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Brian Luong is an illustrator currently residing in Southern California. He favors natural and organic subject matters, often building upon what nature has to offer in order to create otherworldly and mysterious subjects for his work. Using a muted pallet, meticulous hatching, and broad fills of color, Brian creates work that has been honed and refined to best suit the silkscreen printing process. – (Text borrowed from Brian’s webpage)

Broken Blade by Brian Luong
Broken Blade

Harvest, Part 2 by Brian Luong
Harvest, Part 2

The Farmer's Daughter by Brian Luong
The Farmer's Daughter

Harvest by Brian Luong

Hermit by Brian Luong

Hooded Eclipse by Brian Luong
Hooded Eclipse

Slice and Dice by Brian Luong
Slice and Dice

Resilient by Brian Luong

Cycles by Brian Luong

Wands Are For Wimps by Brian Luong
Wands Are For Wimps

Wilderness by Brian Luong

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  • Twin Serpents

    Hells yeah. Brian’s art rules. I’ve worked with him a few times and the detail of his work is insane.