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Lately we’ve been doing more features of illustrators with really unique and distinct styles. And today I have the pleasure to present the magnificent work of Tom Whalen to you guys – An amazing illustrator based in Pennsylvania, USA. The following description of Tom and his work is taken from his website:

Raised by feral robot wolves in the backwoods of northeastern pennsylvania and nourished on a steady diet of comic books, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and Swedish fish, Tom has a high-pitched, metallic voice in his head that compels him to endlessly churn out all sorts of vectorized madness. Infatuated with all things giant, Japanese and city-destroying, Tom is a confessed monster junkie who cannot wait for earth to be overrun by either zombies or vampires so that he can field test the wooden-stake-firing chain gun that he’s been working on in his basement for the past 37 or so years. He also adores kittens.

The Boxtrolls by Tom Whalen

The Incredibles by Tom Whalen

X-men by Tom Whalen

Toy Story by Tom Whalen

The Little Mermaid by Tom Whalen

Shaun of the Dead by Tom Whalen

Back to the future by Tom Whalen

Batman Returns by Tom Whalen

Dare Devil by Tom Whalen

The Iron Giant by Tom Whalen

Mad Monster Party? by Tom Whalen

The Terminator by Tom Whalen

Wreck-it Ralph by Tom Whalen

Mario & Luigi by Tom Whalen

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  • Kasey Mahoney

    damn, so good!