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Imagine mastering the craft of hand-lettering and having an amazing eye for the smallest of details. Shouldn’t be impossible with enough practice and patience, right? Well, now combine that with being and equally skilled illustrator, drawing everything from super-detailed people to intricate decorative ornaments. Certainly doable if we add a decade or two. Ok, last but not least, add knowing everything there is to know about embossing, gilding and painting glass signs in reverse.

Just imagine all the time it would take to master of all these skills. Quite daunting, I know, but definitely not impossible. One person that have done just that and whom I consider to be a bit of a legend in the industry is Mr. David A. Smith from Torquay in the UK. David’s name has become synonymous in sign-writing circles with high quality, hand crafted reverse glass signs and decorative mirrors, traditional signwriting, reverse glass decoration and ornate gilding.

Below is a selection of our favorite pieces, and at the very bottom there’s a short documentary about David and his spectacular work. I definitely recommend checking it out, as it is packed with inspiration.

Gastronomy Grocer by David A. Smith

The Horse... by David A. Smith

Disney Sketch by David A. Smith

Old Souls Tattoo by David A. Smith

Queen of California by David A. Smith

Kings of Leon by David A. Smith

B - Gilded Letters Sketch by David A. Smith

B - Gilded Letters by David A. Smith

S - Gilded Letters by David A. Smith

The Ginstitute by David A. Smith

John Mayer & Co. by David A. Smith

John Mayer & Co. by David A. Smith

John Mayer and Company by David A. Smith

John Mayer - Born and Raised Cover by David A. Smith

Chapman & Smith - The Sign Company by David A Smith

Bull and Brush by David A Smith

For Duane by David A Smith

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