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In our last UI gallery I mentioned that we have a lot of cool animated UI designs on our Pinterest board and that we just couldn’t feature them since they have such a massive file size. Well, hold on to your horses… I’ve changed my mind! Even though this gallery doesn’t contain as many images as the other galleries, I’m confident that it might end up in the next Guinness book of world records as the slowest loading page on the whole internet. Anyways, be patient while the page is loading and let me know if this is something that you’d like to see more of in the future.

Ticket by Michal Sambora
Go to image pageTicket by Michal Sambora

Splash screen animation by Cuberto
Go to image pageSplash screen animation by Cuberto

Move product
Go to image pageMove product

Product swipe
Go to image pageProduct swipe

Order Screen - Scrolling by Pavel Zeifart
Go to image pageOrder Screen – Scrolling by Pavel Zeifart

I Love Food by Mike Perry
Go to image pageI Love Food by Mike Perry

iPad Mini Template by Creativedash
Go to image pageiPad Mini Template by Creativedash

Calendar by etotgrisha
Go to image pageCalendar by etotgrisha

Purchase/Sign in
Go to image pagePurchase/Sign in

Small Universe by Kingyo
Go to image pageSmall Universe by Kingyo

Weather by Beard Chicken
Go to image pageWeather by Beard Chicken

iWatch Mock-Up by Thomas Bogner
Go to image pageiWatch Mock-Up by Thomas Bogner

Coach Screen Animation by Pavel Zeifart
Go to image pageCoach Screen Animation by Pavel Zeifart

Goodgood by Angelo Semeraro
Go to image pageGoodgood by Angelo Semeraro

Plus Button Animation by Karol Ortyl
Go to image pagePlus Button Animation by Karol Ortyl

If you would like to send us suggestions for these galleries, please click on the button “Submit” located in the header, and fill out the form. And don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow From up North on Twitter + Facebook to get all the latest updates.

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  • Jonathan Cooper

    These are beautiful! Well worth the load period. Have you looked into the new gif system that Imgur has instituted on their website? It treats gifs like videos in a way, and lets super high quality animations have a quick load time. Just a thought!

    • Ah, interesting! I will definitely look into that! Thanks for the tip, Jonathan! :)

  • Salvatore

    I’m wonder how they do these animations? Which program do they use?

    • Jared van Eck

      i would assume they use some kind of video editor like Premier or After Effects etc

  • Ahsan

    Thanks, Daniel for the awesome post! Most of these UIs are from existing apps? or, all of these?

    • lukaskus

      probably none of them, just a mockup of how it will look…they are just “made to be popular on dribbble”

  • Van Mendoza

    says UI inspiration – mostly iOS. lol….