User interface inspiration | #843

25 nice UI/UX designs

User interface inspiration | #843
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In our UI galleries we’re presenting our latest findings of the most stunning menus, buttons and other interface elements from mobile apps, applications and webpages. For more great inspiration of this kind, check out our board on Pinterest:

Facebook - Dark Mobile App
Go to image pageFacebook - Dark Mobile App
Submitted by rsx1988.

User interface inspiration
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CalendarApp by Tobias Negele
Go to image pageCalendarApp by Tobias Negele

Go to image pageDashboard

Travel agency Dashboard by Nicola Mihaita
Go to image pageTravel agency Dashboard by Nicola Mihaita

Vertical Navigation by Oykun
Go to image pageVertical Navigation by Oykun

Share from Readymag › PatternTap
Go to image pageShare from Readymag › PatternTap

password manager by Tobias Klika
Go to image pagepassword manager by Tobias Klika

Just Ping In
Go to image pageJust Ping In
Submitted by Dayv.

Banking iphone app by Anthony Aubertin
Go to image pageBanking iphone app by Anthony Aubertin

Your trip app by NIMIUS
Go to image pageYour trip app by NIMIUS

Weather Concept App by Rodrigo Alberto Cavazos
Go to image pageWeather Concept App by Rodrigo Alberto Cavazos

Profile page by Frank Rapacciuolo
Go to image pageProfile page by Frank Rapacciuolo

Personal data dashboard by TicTrac
Go to image pagePersonal data dashboard by TicTrac

Date Picker by Rodrigo Soares
Go to image pageDate Picker by Rodrigo Soares

App by Mik Skuza | KOSMA
Go to image pageApp by Mik Skuza | KOSMA

Watch Breaking Bad by Matt D. Smith
Go to image pageWatch Breaking Bad by Matt D. Smith

Flash profile
Go to image pageFlash profile
Submitted by Frederik Hansen.

Weather App by Hila Peleg
Go to image pageWeather App by Hila Peleg

Genius Maps by Mireo
Go to image pageGenius Maps by Mireo

Flight Tracking UI
Go to image pageFlight Tracking UI

HQ Stylesheet by James Barnes
Go to image pageHQ Stylesheet by James Barnes

Upcoming project on iOS7 by Léo Robin
Go to image pageUpcoming project on iOS7 by Léo Robin

GPS Cycle (Metro application) by Alexey Tcherniak
Go to image pageGPS Cycle (Metro application) by Alexey Tcherniak

Analog Weather App by Max Shakurov
Go to image pageAnalog Weather App by Max Shakurov

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Hey, my name is Daniel Nelson. I´m a graphic designer/web developer from Sweden and I'm the creator of From up North.
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  • Brian Hermelijn

    Felt like I was watching the same style over and over, with an exception of the last one. Thanks for sharing non of the less.

    • Omar Faizan

      We all follow the trend

      • Brian Hermelijn

        Not entirely everyone. Some peoples/agencies still try to differentiate them self, or improve upon the trend style, instead of repeating the same style. :)

        • Omar Faizan

          There comes one michael jackson and lots of justin beibers ;)

          • Brian Hermelijn

            It still doesn’t prove my point wrong, because in the design work we can still apply applicable changes, but just stick in the safe zone etc. Anyway. Lets carry on. Each to its own.

  • Jared van Eck

    Very cool! Nice to see a new collection.

  • daydesignz

    Great list of high quality UI’s. To the person saying it looks the same WHY DON’T YOU go ahead and create the next trend instead of complaining of the lack of variety. SMH Unreal

    • joseph barrientos

      lol his concern was that he is seeing them being posted in a row, not that they exist, plus, for all you know, maybe he already has.

  • Hir dihora

    hey it’s really fabius

  • Shivani

    Great designs.