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In From up North’s inspiration galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of design. Amazing high quality artworks in various categories from great designers all over the globe.

Quote by George Bernard

Being happy…

Sometimes I pretend to be normal…

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

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  • Really cool selection! Thanks for sharing again.

  • phrofyz

    this is my favorite section of the site! could it be possible to get some sources where you get the images from?


    • Chris

      Click on the image and you’ll be sent to the source.

      • Thats true for the second half of the post, for the first half I unfortunately dont have any sources. So If anyone have some info on those, feel free to drop me an email letting me know.

    • Aleksandra


  • Great quotes. I searched for quotes hours on end to use on my website…and cam across the usual ones…but I haven’t read any of the above! Nice to see something fresh! I like the one about “life is about creating yourself”…

    • merlin1235

      “I like the one about”is usually a precurser to a joke.

      • ToxicDreamer

        …It is sometimes, not usually, and not in this case.

  • I always love these posts… Thanks… :)

  • *Cheers* for all these, nicely collected and new to me. Let’s hope we can get credits for the anonymous ones.

  • Bryan

    “Just because you’re breathing doesn’t mean you’re alive.” Actually, yes, it does. The proper way to say it would be “Just because you’re breathing doesn’t mean you’re living” as “living” can be taken two ways, dependent on context.

    • Seygante

      Well, since breathing is just one of the requirements needed to fit into the ‘alive’ category then no the quote was not unjustified. Also if you’re going to talk about context then your suggestion was equally useless, as ‘alive’ can also be interpreted in different ways depending on context.

  • Lindas frases

  • Seygante

    I can’t find any evidence that Victor Papanek said that. There appear to be many slightly different versions attributed to many people but not a single one to him, bar as the title of a blog.

  • Jethro

    I love these quotes, thanks for making my day!

  • VizzMedia

    loved it….really awesome…thnx 4 sharing…

  • This is a great list, we feel the creativity flowing now.


  • Zeek

    This was awesome, really like the ones you picked, and how they were in art form. Great!

  • Obama

    I loved the coin one!

    • Tom

      Loved it too, so relatable

      • ToxicDreamer

        Totally, I never thought about it, but it is so true. It’s incredible how the human mind works.

  • fajas colombianas

    The one where you tossed the coin is great, tried it a while ago and you really do see at a brief moment what you want.

  • Brigette

    “Just cause you feel it doesn’t mean it’s there” is from a song called “There, There (The Boney King of Nowhere)” by Radiohead and written by Thom Yorke. Great quote, great song.

  • pol

    is from a song called “There, There (The Boney King of Nowhere)” by Radiohead and written by Thom Yorke. Great quote, great song.
    This is a great list, we feel the creativity flowing now.

  • Kowsikanth

    Hey Dude, I really like this post. Thanks for Sharing.

  • MzBieber

    cool chiz
    thx for sharing. realllyy liked it

  • linn

    Geroge Bernard Shaw had the quote : “life in’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” :-)

  • Pretty unique collection :-) I really liked some of them.

  • mayan

    Very nice collection! It would be great to hang them in the walls of my room. :D

  • I liked the cointoss one

  • birdohi

    OMFG that last one is straight on, it’s your title is what it’s saying, your title.

  • These quotation boards must be use in Central park :-)

  • Joana

    nice and very enlightening quotes. thanks for sharing.

  • anmol

    nice :) :)

  • I like the coin one.. So true!!

  • alex

    hey very good set of pictures saved a couple for wallpapers

  • “One creative thought is worth one thousand mindless quotes.”

  • Lisa

    I love the quote by Picasso! But I have to say the way all the quotes are illustrated is brilliant!

  • Great idea for a post.Thank you!

  • Rei

    Man, you guys are such hipsters. These quotes are soooo mainstream.

    • ToxicDreamer

      I don’t think so. I rarely see these specific ones being used, and even if they were mainstream, to most it wouldn’t matter, they’re inspirational.

  • danny

    great post, pretty inspiring :)

  • I like these! My favorite is “don’t die wondering.” Will share.

  • Really cool quotations inspired me completely

  • Edward

    Cool quotations!

  • Gregor Dimnik

    realy nice…:)
    greatings from sLOVEnia

  • Sasha

    Hey just wanted to share this site with everyone for all your printing needs they have the best prices and quality!


    Great list ,thank you for the share !

  • Aaron Parker

    I just had a massive week where 3 different “rush” jobs came in on top of what I was already doing and I thought “this is impossible”. I was angry, frustrated, pissed off with idiots who don’t plan, but you know what, I got it done. I just read the quote above about “it always seems impossible until it is done” and I can honestly say that they are the truest words I’ve ever seen. At least for this week anyway. ha.

    • cheeflo

      It’s amazing what you can accomplish with no time at all. On the other hand, every time you pull it off, they’ll only want 3 more miracles … right now.

  • hvvost