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In From up North’s inspiration galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of design. Amazing high quality artworks in various categories from great designers all over the globe.

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

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  • Fantastic as always!

    • natalie

      Oh god, they used “your” instead of “you’re” in the last one. Check your grammar before you publish!

      • Bill

        Grammar nasi ?

        • Kate

          *Nazi, and there is no space before a question mark. It’s important to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, particularly in art or typography. It’s necessary for clarity and aesthetic pleasure.

          • David Foster Wallace

            So you’re some sort of prescriptivist, arguing that prescriptivism is essential in the arts and typography, when actually a uniform construct of language is only a necessity when dealing with formal and published accounts. Subsequently, the use of “your” above, however incorrect when addressing the ways you have learned it, is just fine because the artist or poor-grammared linguist above got his point across. The only use of prescriptivism is so that there may be no “play on words” and that language can not misconstrue meaning, and seeing as how the artist is clearly not taking about his own personal “a follower of fear” (not one person can own a follower of fear), we see that this is acceptable, and does not get in the way of the message in this art.

            You’res truly.

          • Sarah

            Despite the fact that there is a minor grammatical error, I think the point of these messages is not to be correct, but to be inspirational. So instead of being small-minded and correcting people, maybe try just appreciating things for what they are. And maybe, instead of attacking said corrections @David, again, appreciate the message behind this post.

          • Becky

            I can’t believe this idiot (David) is actually defending the person who made the error. Grammar is important because if we start ignoring the rules of grammar, even if we can still understand the meaning, it will begin to become so bastardized that the English language as we know it will crumble. Stop making excuses for people who don’t know how to spell. It’s not artistic, it’s just being ignorant.

      • James

        NO THEY DIDNT..?

      • MasacruAlex

        Put on your glasses you prick. It says YOURE and between YOU AND RE right above there’s a ‘ . You’re too closed minded to read those.

      • nik

        no.. they didnt

      • Jake

        You are blind:) it says you’re…. Simple

      • The creator behind the piece asked me to update the link due to all the commotion.
        So the grammatical error is now fixed.

      • sam

        Actually it is there it just looks like a spec.

      • Zach

        Are you blind? They definitely used you’re…

      • nikko

        youre is definitely spelled correctly, i see the “e” just fine… maybe you need glasses, but thanks for this post it was extremely inspiring and the last quote will surely be used in the near future of my life no doubt

      • Please, check the aforementioned error before trolling.
        For reference, it is “To lead is difficult when you’re a follower of fear” and not, as you suggest “To lead is difficult when your a follower of fear”.

      • Jamie

        They did use “you’re” look again. There is an apostrophe and an “e.” Make sure you have your facts straight before you comment!

      • Brian

        um… no they didn’t.

      • Amy

        I’m pretty sure that it says “you’re” …

      • jim

        natalie if you are meaning the last one about a follower of fear,think you should check again!! x

      • I’d like to point out that you all argued over this minor detail when in fact, it was originally spelled correctly. Congratulations.

      • Justin

        It’s definitely you’re in the image. Look again

      • Lynx

        Natalie, It is you’re (you are) …they wrote it correctly….

    • Jimmy

      Natalie get your eyes checked before you make stupid comments. It definitely says you’re. Grammar Nazi

    • Katherine

      Better look a little bit closer before you find fault.

    • YOURE all idiots. The grammar is correct in the last one. You’re is a contraction for you are. Like you are an idiot

  • Rokesmith

    These are great but would be a lot better with a proper citation. Start with the Kerouac maybe? It’s not really his tone, so context is important.

  • Great post, as always!
    I really enjoy looking through these posts, especially typography and print.
    Great source of inspiration!

  • “..Look where your mind wanders,” is a really good one.

    The “..judging a person..” one really speaks to me. I should keep that scrawled on a post-it somewhere close.

    Great collection :)

  • Loved! These quotes are amazing as usual!

  • Graeme

    Amazing! I look forward to these so much!


  • phrofyz

    Wonderful quotes that always come from people there heART and soul!! I’ve got a bunch of myself waiting to get creative!

  • Salvatore


  • Huge amount of wisdom in only one post! This is really inspiring and motivating.

  • brian

    heh, the last one has a typo

  • Definitely one of my favorite posts!!!!! :D

  • chris

    i was enjoying these well enough until i got to the egregious typo in the last one :(

    • brent

      ugh i knooooow. terrible note to end on. best list i’ve seen yet though.

    • Colin

      Are you kidding me? Sure the typo isn’t cool but it is not as if it is the end of the world. Chill. Despite the error, you should still be able to get the idea.

      • Sarah

        Nope. The typo is bad, after all, it is a post that highlights the importance and relevance of the written word.

  • fajas colombianas

    very inspiring quotes. I enjoyed reading them.

  • Allison

    Quite outdated design

  • meex

    Those are amazing! <3 it

  • Jack

    This isn’t art. It’s hipster bullshit. Sorry, I’m not an artist, but I know that putting deep and brooding quotes on ironic images isn’t art.

    • StinkyMcBalls

      By the sheer fact that you said that, it’s stating that you yourself are indeed a hipster, trying to demote what other people think is art. The fact that you don’t think this is art means you are unintelligent, because art is different for different people. In fact, a person can like Picasso, but hate Hemmingway. Or they can like both.
      Both of them are artists, just in different media.
      So fuck you, hipster troll.
      Tits or GTFO.

      • Retarded, are we?

        Actually, you appear to be the unintelligent one, for in one statement you have set a fact and then contradicted it. If art is subjective, then for someone to say “this isn’t art”, is a sound statement. To them it isn’t art.
        So fuck you, StinkyMcBalls.
        I would say “Tits or GTFO”, but seeing as you’re retarded, that would be a criminal offence.

    • Crystalie

      I can’t say whether or not it’s art, but I like them. Most of these are ideas that I think are true, and I like them being in print b/c I think I need to be reminded of the ideas from time to time.

  • saaaaaara

    ha bring me the horizon lyrics (2nd picture) very awesome!

  • Nazheli Alvarez

    thank your all! i love your blog.
    regards from Mexico.

  • Mike

    The last one is grammatically incorrect. :O it should be “you’re” instead of “your.”

    • punsnroses

      I’m glad I’m not the only person who noticed that

  • Hey damn nice inspiring site :)

  • scott

    the last one says “to lead is difficult when your a follower of fear”. problem? i think so. “your” does not equal “you’re”

  • Nancy

    For that last one… typo= *you’re :D

  • Teressa

    I think these “quotes” are really nice. and about all those bad reviews, remember… If people are trying to bring you down, you must be above them!!! Thanks and keep up the good work!! I like ’em!!

  • james

    most irritating thing in the world when people comment on spelling. Like its worth your breath. dont ruin it for other people

    • Gohnniey


  • ash

    grammar mistake in the last quote… “you’re” not “your”

  • Meagan

    Haha the one with the anchor are some Bring Me The Horizon lyrics from their song Chelsea Smile

  • amber

    The context of the C.S. Lewis quote is the important part … read it today in Mere Christianity actually. And it was misquoted (not badly, just not quite verbatim. Lewis often is because he says things in a rather long way).

    In reference to the end times when God “lands in force,” rather than Christians serving as la Resistance in a way.
    “There is no use saying you choose to lie down when it has become impossible to stand up.”

  • macias

    the last one has a grammatical error.

  • pretentiousbullshit

    What a bunch of pretentious shite. It’s like hearing a shit joke with an obvious punchline, just makes my eyes roll

    • pretentiousbullshit is right

      You hit the nail square on the head. Nothing worse than ‘motivational’ posters. Always pretentious, rarely useful, and often crappy advice or words of wisdom that only applies sometimes.

  • skydiveNY

    whether it is “art” or “not art”, is beyond the point, the fact that people are fighting and arguing over it, is just obscene. take it or leave it, its just a website, its just words, its just to make you think, not fight

  • Some very motivational stuff there :)

  • JD

    This was very nice, and here is another quote from my mother, and I’m sure from many other’s “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all” and I think this is a situation where this is appropriate. I’ve read various blogs lately on positive things, and in completely boggles my mind the amount of people who spend their time finding blogs where people post things positive things to make themselves and others smile and completely rip them apart and make unnecessarily negative comments. It truly atonishes me that you have nothing better to do with your time. Again, this is a wonderful post and I hope you keep posting things like this as it made me smile.

  • Great quotes, so true and inspiring.

  • Lil


  • JayC

    No idea who that Sachs fellow is, but its hard to take anyone seriously who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re.

  • Lizzie

    Just one point, there’s a ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ in there somewhere :) I love your work.

    Grammar Nazi x

  • Alan Rutherford

    Hello Daniel someone said that if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. I think that the individuals who seem to get their jollies out of finding fault should take a long hard look at their own misgivings. Great stuff and very inspirational Thanks

  • blah


  • eLime

    AHHH! They used the wrong Your/You’re!!!

  • Mike

    I like how bring me the horizon lyrics are among the likes of C.S. Lewis. not hating on it, just stating an observation

  • Sherbondy

    Man I love what you did here. Quotes are my thing, but you’v really selected some tasteful, meaningful quotes. I enjoyed these!

  • hadi

    great ! =)

  • Fred

    Don’t you people have anything better to do!

  • jim

    what a terrible collection of pandering, feel good quotes. the only people i can see quoting any of these are people who so afraid to actually confront a problem or actually criticise themselves that they’d rather live behind a meaningless barrage of pointlessly decorated quotes.

  • Ekbote

    Great.I liked it

  • BOOM

    PROFOUND “this photo is currently unavailable” wise words from flickr!!!!

  • chuck lee

    Small minds generally can’t comprehend the depth of wisdom and make up “funnies” to demonstrate that they are smart and don’t realize that they are not. i shuld make an eror so they can have something to say!

  • Great compilation!

  • JC

    My favorite is the Flickr one that says, “This photo is not available”

  • great quotes , the best one i s : the best time to start something never arrives

  • AIM Soiree

    Ahhhhh Dr Suess, you’ve made me smile for decades!

  • Beautiful.Thank you!

  • aida

    Dear Daniel.
    Beautiful work.

  • Its just awesome, great quotes n very inspirational ….

  • Gregory Charles

    I am surprised that this website commends theft of the intellectual property of others – a crime by the way. So following their advice I should steal everything on this site. I won’t, because despite their barren imaginations, there are actually original ideas every day and I have many so I do not need their recycled garbage.

  • Great list of quotes!

  • Teah Lorenzi

    These are great quotes