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When I first laid eyes on the Pine typeface created by design student Cody Petts I was quite impressed. At first glance I thought that the project was created using various digital effects so when I realized that the letters actually are laser cut from wood, arranged by hand, lighted and then photographed I was even more impressed! The subtle colors in combination with the nice lighting and textures really makes this project stand out from the other typographic designs that I see on a daily basis. I also see more and more creatives taking a step back from the computers and actually creating more with their hands, and I absolutely love that and hope that more people follows.

Cody have been nice enough to create a From up North wallpaper using his lovely laser cut letters which is available here:

Download the wallpaper:

iPad, Retina display
iPhone 4
iPhone 5

More examples of Cody’s work are available on his website & Behance profile.

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