Wallpaper: Jackson Alves

Wallpaper: Jackson Alves
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It’s been a while since we last published a wallpaper but the time has finally come for another one. And this time the very talented brazilian type designer Jackson Alves has been kind enough to use impressive skills to bring us this stunning piece of art for our screens. Check out Jackson’s webpage to see more of his great work.

A picture from the making of the wallpaper

Download the wallpaper:
- 2560x1440px
- 1920x1200px
- 1680x1050px
- 1440x900px
- 1280x1024px
- 1280x800px
- 1024x768px

- iPad
- iPad, Retina display
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 5

More type work from Jackson:

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    Wow! Really nice!