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I’ve been a big fan of Martin Schmetzer’s typographic work for a couple of years now. His style is really original and I just love the level of detail he puts into his pieces. So when I first heard that my fellow Swede was interested in created a “From up North” inspired wallpaper, I was quite stoked.

Martin have captured the nordic feel perfectly with the dark, bluish tones of a cold starry night accompanied with raindeer horns and snowy mountains. And note that the shape of the mountains actually are the same shape as the symbol in From up North’s logo. Very nice touch, Martin!


Download the wallpaper:


iPad, Retina display
iPhone 4
iPhone 5

The process:

Rough draft

Tight draft

Finished piece

More examples of Martin’s spectacular work:

PILOT - Frixion Clicker by Martin Schmetzer

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Hand Lettering by Martin Schmetzer

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  • Daniel Højlund

    So cool!

  • Paweł Kuc