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It’s wallpaper time again and this time we’ve invited the very talented designer and hand letterer Nicolas Fredrickson to create a “From up North” inspired wallpaper. Here’s Nicolas description of the project:

The idea for this quote came from the idea of “From up North” showcasing only the best work, strong wind being a metaphor for strong design. Thinking geographically, the highest northern points are mountain tops, so this became a major theme of the design. The layout of the design also holds the shape of a mountain, representing the tremendous growth of the blog site. With the movement in the hand lettering and randomness of the texture, it symbolizes the organic nature and variety of inspiration “From up North” gives. – Nicolas Fredrickson

The wind blows stronger from up north Nicolas Fredrickson

Download the wallpaper:


iPad, Retina display
iPhone 4
iPhone 5

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