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A couple of weeks ago I published an “in focus”-post about the great work of illustrator Steve Sampson (aka The Dark Inker). I’ve since then been in contact with Steve who’s been kind enough to do a From up North inspired wallpaper! And he’s also decided to publish four brand new illustrations for the very first time, here on From up North!

Steve Sampson aka The Dark Inker:
Concept and Environment Artist at Disney Interactive BlackRock Studio. Ex sheet Metal worker and one time Comic book and freelance Illustrator. Originally from London’s East End now based in Brighton UK.

The timing of being asked to do a wallpaper for From up North was perfect. I was thinking about doing an image that featured the Nojo’s, characters that I had first illustrated about five years ago.

The original illustration of the Nojo’s was a very graphic image done using Adobe Illustrator, back in the day’s before I got into painting using PhotoShop.

I also wanted the image to feature littleBlade a character I that have been illustrating for a couple of years now. She first appeared on a birthday card that I did for my girlfriend and she was inspired by my love of Oriental art and animation.

I had an image in my mind where Littleblade was very close in the foreground and that she had a darker feel to her than I have done before. Behind her was a great army of Nojo’s and the phrase “They Came” just kept coming to mind, So the minute I started thinking about what I could do for the From up North wallpaper, the two things just came together and seemed the perfect match.

They Came From up North.

The image was great fun to do and I’m sure the Nojo’s will feature in future illustrations :)

Cheers Steve

Oh, and if you missed Steve’s “In focus”-post you can view it here:

The following pieces are previously unseen work by Steve:
(click the images to view them larger)

Steve Sampson: Littleblade

“Simple really I just wanted to do a straight portrait of LittleBlade.”

Steve Sampson: Temple of Souls

Temple of Souls:
“This time we see LittleBlade on a mission to free the trapped souls imprisoned by the Dark Emperor. But first she must deal with the temple guardians.”

Steve Sampson: Prey

“I love all things “Vampire” and I’ve been meaning to do a Vampire inspired illustration for ages. The palette for this image is inspired by the theory that in parts of East Asian countries such as Japan, purple is known as the colour of death. I like the title of this image as it can have a double meaning. Is she staking her Prey, or should we the viewer “Pray” that she doesn’t come after us :)”

Steve Sampson: Dream Walker

Dream Walker:
“This image was done for a CGSociety challenge called DreamScape. Inspired by a childhood dream about a forest. I wanted to explore the dream and make it less scary than I remembered it.”

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