Web design inspiration | #815

25 beautifully designed websites

Web design inspiration | #815
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In From up North’s inspiration galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of design. Amazing high quality artworks in various categories from great designers all over the globe.

Isaac Paavola Portfolio
Go to image pageIsaac Paavola Portfolio

Web Design Granja Iris by Alejandro Cussó
Go to image pageWeb Design Granja Iris by Alejandro Cussó

Jennet Liaw
Go to image pageJennet Liaw

Go to image pagemadebymog.com

Brooks England - Cambium
Go to image pageBrooks England - Cambium

Web design inspiration
Go to image page

Go to image pageserved-mcr.com

Anthony John Group
Go to image pageAnthony John Group

beoplay.com by Hello Monday
Go to image pagebeoplay.com by Hello Monday

Web design inspiration
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Cole Haan by Joshua Long
Go to image pageCole Haan by Joshua Long

Damian Garbenis
Go to image pageDamian Garbenis

Go to image pageSquarespace

Proximity Hotel Web Design
Go to image pageProximity Hotel Web Design
Submitted by Adam Dixon.

Abo Oil - Web Magazine / Concept Redesign by Maurizio Zatachetto
Go to image pageAbo Oil - Web Magazine / Concept Redesign by Maurizio Zatachetto

TJ MAXX by Megan Man
Go to image pageTJ MAXX by Megan Man

media5 by Vladimir Rusnak
Go to image pagemedia5 by Vladimir Rusnak

Reebok Sport Club by Julián Pascual González
Go to image pageReebok Sport Club by Julián Pascual González

PANTINO - music store by SnowTiger
Go to image pagePANTINO - music store by SnowTiger

GTi is back! by Kuba Bogaczynski
Go to image pageGTi is back! by Kuba Bogaczynski

Go to image pageSVAJTS

Go to image pagemelborp

Suganwe by Zizaza
Go to image pageSuganwe by Zizaza

Weatheros - Day Theme
Go to image pageWeatheros - Day Theme

Yousee by Pelle Martin
Go to image pageYousee by Pelle Martin

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  • Austin Roesberg

    YES!!! Please, please, please more web and UI. So useful and so inspirational!!

    • scottrichardson

      Yes! The web design inspirations are too few and far between!! Keep them coming more regularly. I do feel web design has stagnated a little lately, with everyone just doing copy cat square/grid designs, flat designs, or angular designs. But something is better than nothing!

  • Brian Hermelijn

    Out of all, I feel like some are way to generic. But then again, that’s personal preference, since flat style is starting to get a bit over used in some way. Other then that, great collection.