Winners of the first design competition!

Winners of the first design competition!
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The time has come to present the winners of the first design competion here on From up North! I’ve got a lot of sweet submissions but as they say in the old 80’s blockbuster “Highlander“-films: “There can be only one”. Well, actually two in this case… ;) But anyway, this is what you’ve been competing for:

1st prize:

– One license of Marketcirles Billings Pro* (value ~$193 USD)
– One of Go Medias three Ultimate Vector Collection’s (value ~$170 USD)
– One license of TypeDNA (value $39 USD)

2nd prize:
– Two of Go Medias nineteen Vector Set’s (value ~$70 USD)
– One license of TypeDNA (value $39 USD)

So on to the winners….
The first winner is Sagnik Sengupta!

And the runner up is Rutger Paulusse!

Congratulations to you guys! You’ll be contacted shortly!

And here are some honorable mentions:

Edgars Soprans:

Dario Calonaci:

Meg Pietrzyk:

Andre Cabral:

Richard Davies:

All submissions will shortly be posted in our Flickr group.

If you didnt win this time there will be a new competition with a new theme posted shortly!

About the author

Hey, my name is Daniel Nelson. I´m a graphic designer/web developer from Sweden and I'm the creator of From up North.
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  • Pixel_Junglist

    Cool style with bear ;)

  • Tim

    nice ones!!

  • Jo

    Loving the polar bear!

  • Luc

    I really like Meg Pietrzyk’s entry (plus the shortening to FuN)…

  • Felone

    Nice submissions. The polar bear is great! Reminds me of one of my posters, a little :)

  • Eric Vasquez

    These are all very creative! I really love the simplicity of the one with the polar bear.

  • Rutger Paulusse

    Congratulations Sagnik! Looks great.

    Also special shout out to Andre, like the minimalistic approach.

    Thank you Daniel, TypeDnA and Gomedia.
    Really enjoyed this 1st FuN contest.

    Keep it coming!

  • Hensy

    The polar bear is outstanding!

  • Richard Davies

    Well done to the winner! i really enjoyed the contest. Hope it’s the first of many.

  • Sagnik Sengupta

    Hey, thanx a lot every1 and specially to Daniel for comming up with From up North. Congrats Rutger. Really coool entries ..liked the work of Meg nd Andre tooooo !!
    Waiting for more :)

    • Tirtha

      Hearty congratulations..!!

      this is the 3rd try.. :)


    • Tirtha

      he he he.. actually i meant this was my 3rd attemt to congratulate you in this forum :)

      great forum, excellent entries and… tremendous achievement !!

      will be waiting for more…. too :)

      keep in touch:

      bhalo thakis.. tata.. tirtha

  • Pascale Boudeville

    Really great works ! I love the bear ;)

  • Andre

    Hey guys!! Congratulations to everyone!!

    Thank you VERY much for the compliments about the little bear!! It really means a lot to me!!

    I am soo happy after reading it all thank you!! and thank you “from up north” for the opportunity!

  • Jared

    love the bear

  • Spartacus

    Penguins don’t live in the North Pole. Polar bears do but penguins are from the Antarctic – The South Pole

  • Sanghamitra & Partha

    Congratulations, Sagnik!!!

    Looks Great and very soothing!! Keep it up — looking forward to see more of these…..

    — Sanghamitra & Partha

  • Sarah

    Uhh..holy crap these are all awesome.

  • Ricky

    All the entries are awesome! Congrats Tatai (Sagnik)!