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The time has come to present the winners of the first design competion here on From up North! I’ve got a lot of sweet submissions but as they say in the old 80’s blockbuster “Highlander“-films: “There can be only one”. Well, actually two in this case… ;) But anyway, this is what you’ve been competing for:

1st prize:
– One license of Marketcirles Billings Pro* (value ~$193 USD)
– One of Go Medias three Ultimate Vector Collection’s (value ~$170 USD)
– One license of TypeDNA (value $39 USD)

2nd prize:
– Two of Go Medias nineteen Vector Set’s (value ~$70 USD)
– One license of TypeDNA (value $39 USD)

So on to the winners….
The first winner is Sagnik Sengupta!

And the runner up is Rutger Paulusse!

Congratulations to you guys! You’ll be contacted shortly!

And here are some honorable mentions:

Edgars Soprans:

Dario Calonaci:

Meg Pietrzyk:

Andre Cabral:

Richard Davies:

All submissions will shortly be posted in our Flickr group.
If you didnt win this time there will be a new competition with a new theme posted shortly!

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  • Pixel_Junglist

    Cool style with bear ;)

  • Tim

    nice ones!!

  • Jo

    Loving the polar bear!

  • Luc

    I really like Meg Pietrzyk’s entry (plus the shortening to FuN)…

  • Nice submissions. The polar bear is great! Reminds me of one of my posters, a little :)

  • These are all very creative! I really love the simplicity of the one with the polar bear.

  • Congratulations Sagnik! Looks great.

    Also special shout out to Andre, like the minimalistic approach.

    Thank you Daniel, TypeDnA and Gomedia.
    Really enjoyed this 1st FuN contest.

    Keep it coming!

  • Hensy

    The polar bear is outstanding!

  • Well done to the winner! i really enjoyed the contest. Hope it’s the first of many.

  • Sagnik Sengupta

    Hey, thanx a lot every1 and specially to Daniel for comming up with From up North. Congrats Rutger. Really coool entries ..liked the work of Meg nd Andre tooooo !!
    Waiting for more :)

    • Hearty congratulations..!!

      this is the 3rd try.. :)


    • he he he.. actually i meant this was my 3rd attemt to congratulate you in this forum :)

      great forum, excellent entries and… tremendous achievement !!

      will be waiting for more…. too :)

      keep in touch:

      bhalo thakis.. tata.. tirtha

  • Pascale Boudeville

    Really great works ! I love the bear ;)

  • Hey guys!! Congratulations to everyone!!

    Thank you VERY much for the compliments about the little bear!! It really means a lot to me!!

    I am soo happy after reading it all thank you!! and thank you “from up north” for the opportunity!

  • Jared

    love the bear

  • Spartacus

    Penguins don’t live in the North Pole. Polar bears do but penguins are from the Antarctic – The South Pole

  • Sanghamitra & Partha

    Congratulations, Sagnik!!!

    Looks Great and very soothing!! Keep it up — looking forward to see more of these…..

    — Sanghamitra & Partha

  • Uhh..holy crap these are all awesome.

  • Ricky

    All the entries are awesome! Congrats Tatai (Sagnik)!